Battlefield 4 impressions (Gamer Thumb) - is there a digital divide between PC and console gameplay?

Following on from last week's graphical comparison, Gamer Thumb takes a look at the difference in the Battlefield 4 beta's gameplay dynamics and design between the console and PC versions.

Importantly, it seeks the answer to the question: can 24-players make for an authentic Battlefield experience?

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Ohlmay1623d ago

Consoles - 24 players, low resolution, 30 FPS, small maps, less vehicles, CQB engagements

PC - 64 players (More if server hacked), HD resolution (1440p for me), 60+ FPS, large maps, far more vehicles, engagements from all ranges, PC is lead platform, more mature community, being able to optimize your hardware for best performance and lastly, the game is cheaper, you can get BF4 for PC for $40 on CDKEYs.

caseh1623d ago

Ugh consoles are limited to 24 players again...

I really enjoyed BF3 on PS3 but I don't think the devs really understand how much limiting team sizes completely f*cks up game modes like conquest.

Say you have 2 jets and 2 choppers, thats a minimum of 1/3 of your squad in the air leaving 8 people on the ground to capture and hold 5 points, and thats not even factoring in the fannys who just snipe all day.

Rageanitus1623d ago

might be because of less RAM? Not sure but I know on MMORPGS with alot of ppl on the screen it runs better with a better processor and more RAM

Ju1623d ago

I agree with that. Scaling a game like that isn't enough. All Dice is doing is making the playable area a bit smaller and that's about it. But the maps and the game play is just not designed for the lower player count. Now, with the next consoles around the corner, I can't really see why the route to current gen consoles. Cashing in on a known brand, I guess. Well, I hope the campaign plays OK. While I always liked BF, I might skip this one...or maybe I'll get it later. Is more of the same, still...

Str8Chaos741623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Yeah, I was planning on the PC version but think it will be more of the same also. Considering skipping it as well.

Neonridr1622d ago

@Ju - simple, the reason the devs are making sure they are available on the PS3 and 360 is install bases of 75 million each vs an install base of like 1 million for PS4 and 1 million for XB1 (tops). It's simple numbers and dollar signs for these people. I wouldn't be surprised if the next game in the series releases on current gen too, it's gonna take a while before everyone upgrades.

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Twilightx71623d ago

The best part is, at 1440p, for the absolute CHEAPEST, most garbage 1440p monitor, you could have purchased the game at full price, plus BF4 premium, plus a current gen console, and even a year's worth of Xbox Live if you were to go that route. All for the price of just your display.

These comparisons are dumb, as are the PC elitists who pause their beta play long enough to swing their hardware around like a giant tech-weenie. We know your hardware is superior. We know you're playing with more people at higher resolutions and frame rates and settings. What you apparently don't know is that nobody cares.

Ohlmay1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Then why bother replying if you don't care? I want a better gaming experience, my monitor costed $300 offers me a better gaming experience and overall a better picture for everything else. No need to get upset.

Why would I want to pay for a console with Xbox Live and BF4 premium on consoles? Battlefield on consoles is god awful, you might as well play CoD, because that's what it is.

da1writer1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

You do realize that is a comparison between the PC and PS3/360 builds? Correct?

The PS4/X1 both are 64 players for multiplayer

They are currently seeking a resolution higher than 720p @ 60fps

As a person who games on PC (144 Steam Games, 5 GOG, 12 Origin) and consoles (30+ Games), it's upsetting seeing the PC Master Race (PC only gamers) have to go this odd direction of making sure console owners - whether current and future consoles - are buying garbage. Both play games, both are fun, why fling dirt at others?

cunnilumpkin1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

but the graphics are severely downgraded (ps4 is set to medium, xbox1 probably medium-low) and sub-1080p

also, the controls are very imprecise, the performance will be downgraded, the load times will be far longer, there will be much more latency and lag and finally there will be a bunch of jaggies and artifacts

the pc version is far superior in every conceivable way

this will be true for every multiplatform game released for the next 8 years

cyguration1623d ago

Talking against the PCMR? That's borderline heresy!

da1writer1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

@cunnilumpkin I'm not going to disagree with you that the graphics on both will not even be able to touch the graphical refinement that is standard fair on PC (again, I game on PC, go on exophase and check my steam profile da1writer1985).

I'm simply stating a fact that the article was based on a comparison between the PS3/360 builds against the defacto PC build - NOT the XB1/PS4 builds. I was replying to the original commenter that he is wrong in regards to consoles, especially since he didn't specify. 24players - wrong, it's 64players.
30fps - wrong, 60fps. His other points about Vehicles and CQB is wrong as well - they will be mirrored in the XB1/PS4 builds.

The only thing he is right on is resolution but that is defined on personal preference. You want 1440p - go right ahead, enjoy. You want 1080p - go right ahead, enjoy. You want 720p - ... ummm, ok, go right ahead, enjoy?

I'm not saying next Gen consoles are even close to power in regards to PC's but to go on about as if no one can enjoy the game is downright odd. Games will have the same levels, the same over the top scenes, multiplayer and singleplayer will be there, only difference between the PC build and NextGen console builds will be detail and resolution (and mods). The game will be fun no matter you platform choice - I just thought we PC Gamers and Console gamers live in the same world as people who like to play games? That's what the two platforms are capable of doing - playing games with the same "content" . What the heck happened to enjoying how a game plays?

I mean, I'm having a blast playing the Witcher 2 on my PC (due to a recent steam sale) but I have to downgrade some settings to do so. What makes my experience of the missions and gameplay different from the 360 build besides graphics? I guess it's bad to have an open optimistic attitude towards all gamers and their choice of platforms?

Jovanian 1623d ago


concerning that comment about witcher 2, the fact that the witcher 2 runs horrible on consoles and you can download stuff like full combat rebalance mod is what sets it apart. Also, the ability to crank the graphics up, because the immersion of a game does have an influence on gameplay imo, and you are more immersed with beautiful graphics instead of bad console graphics

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trenso11623d ago

"Consoles - 24 players, low resolution, 30 FPS, small maps, less vehicles, CQB engagements"

only on current gen

"more mature community"

completely biased opinion.

MidnytRain1620d ago

Won't the resolution be the same?

Ticklez1623d ago

an a heavy wallet.. just sayin

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KING851623d ago

Next gen consoles will have the same number of players as PC.

Jovanian 1623d ago (Edited 1623d ago )

Biggest factor is the inability to play an FPS with a mouse and keyboard on console, the best input method for FPS gaming. Gameplay is fundamentally different as a result, aiming is more precise on the PC and players are more accurate in hitting you. You don't have a bunch of inaccurate players sliding their weapons across the screen spraying because of the inaccuracies of a controller

That and the ability to control your framerate and graphical settings, increased amount of players(with respect to 360 and PS3), higher resolution, better framerate, BF4 on PC is infinitely better than on console, the way it was meant to be played just like every battlefield since BF 1942

dcj05241623d ago

Buy a keyboard and mouse adapter. There problem solved.

ATi_Elite1623d ago

Why even bother talking about the PS3/360 version? You guys should ALL be running out and buying Ps4/xb1 versions.

I'm looking forward to playing BF4 on a hacked server with 100+ people in conquest mode.

Insanely chaotic but kinda enjoyable.

1623d ago