Xbox One Tour Truck Impressions by Killer Rin

"Our friend Andrew otherwise known as Killer Rin went to the Xbox One truck tour and has come back with pictures, video and a written impression on what he though about the console, controller and games at the event. Before continuing into his impressions below you can also check out his impressions on our podcast. (Xvox: Episode 14: Halo's Destiny) 53 minutes into our podcast for a little more of what he thought once he made it back from the event." -

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FordGTGuy1690d ago

Took a lot of time to put all the content together, hope you guys enjoy it.

Bigpappy1689d ago

It was an insightful read. Love hearing from the regular Joe who has actually had some hands on.

kenmid1690d ago

Good to hear, I can't wait until to my town DFW.

Pieman5231689d ago

I played Ryse, Forza and Dead Rising at the event in Philadelphia. I really liked Ryse but Forza and Dead Rising felt like more of the same. The new controller feels awesome and I really like the impulse triggers, they provided and cool sensation when driving around in Forza.

1689d ago