Hands on Impressions of the Microsoft Xbox One on the Xbox One Tour

Bill Loguidice writes, "Once inside the large warehouse area, we were treated to our choice of multiple game areas where we could sit or stand and play some of the Xbox One launch and launch window titles, which included: Crimson Dragon, Dead Rising 3, Forza Motorsport 5, Killer Instinct, LocoCycle, Ryse: Sone of Rome, Max: The Curse of the Brotherhood, Zoo Tycoon, and Kinect Sports: Rivals."

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lifeisgamesok1416d ago

Great article and every game sounds like good besides Crimson Dragon. I may even pick up Max and the Curse of the Brotherhood for that childhood platformer nostalgia

P0werVR1415d ago



urwifeminder1416d ago

Keen to have a crack at loco cycle looks fun.

christocolus1416d ago

ryse still has me hooked.and i feel crytek has kept the single player under wraps for a good reason.that aside im getting more interested in zoo tycoon also but i will be getting ryse,dr3 and probably d4 or forza5 at launch...

lifeisgamesok1416d ago

I agree Ryse is unbelievable. Ryse has the best graphics and the combat looks good

Is D4 a launch title too? If it is I'm going to be so broke next month. I'm already getting Ryse, Dead Rising 3, Killer Instinct and Watch dogs

christocolus1416d ago

nice dogs seems cool but it doesnt apeal to me much..d4 is going to be releasd within the launch window

you should really check out zoo tycoon...most previews have been positive...and of all the launch titles it seems to stand out in its own unique way.

Regis1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I got Ryse, Watchdogs, AC4, DR3, BF4, Destiny, Titanfall, DA Inquisition, Fable for Xbox1, Halo5, I think that's what I got so far.

urwifeminder1416d ago

Yeah pretty much what I am getting as well have not seen much tycoon will check it out.

PsylentKiller1416d ago

Ryse is a day one purchase for me. I'm just hoping it's more than a hack and slash game. I hope there are some kind of puzzle mechanics or something to break up the combat once in a while. If not, that's ok, I'm still very interested in the story they want to tell .

Goku7811416d ago

I was interested in seeing if crimson dragon would return to the panzer dragon glory but I guess not. One less game I'm not missing on that console. If Titan fall doesn't come to PS4 I guess Halo will be the only experience I'm half way interested in seeing what happens next. Real talk.

Ohlmay1416d ago

You're going to judge Crimson Dragon off 3 sentences... Wow, pathetic.

Naga1416d ago (Edited 1416d ago )

Agreed that he is rushing to judgment, but that sort of remark is immature and unwarranted. What's actually pathetic is your inability to properly properly socialize.

Ohlmay1416d ago

I can't socialize because I find it pathetic that people judge a game off 3 sentences... That makes a lot of sense.

Goku7811415d ago

It's not that serious dude. Stop taking this stuff so personal. Have fun with your Xbox One on the 22 Nov

mhunterjr1415d ago

It's strange that this preview, from someone who doesn't like on-rails shooters in general, is what put you off on crimson Dragon.

PsylentKiller1416d ago

I'm also interested in deadrising 3. I played the hell out of the first game but the second had a horrible storyline and didn't really improve on the game at all. I really do hope they capture in this iteration the personality of their first Deadrising.