Rumor: Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon Coming To Wii U

Dual Pixels - The only sequel to Luigi's Mansion released as a Nintendo 3DS exclusive but it shall be no more according to one online retailer's web listing.

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Abash1238d ago

Would be amazing, I love Luigi's Mansion: Dark Moon

guitarded771238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

I'd be more interested to see the screenshots in the listing to see if they're HD rez.

EDIT: Never mind, I checked the link. They're 3DS screenshots. You'd think if they had a promotional cover from Nintendo, they'd have screens too.

-Foxtrot1238d ago

I hope they do bloody do this, I've said for ages that they should of brought it to Wii U in the first place

LOL_WUT1238d ago

Now this would be really cool! ;)

R00bot1238d ago

Normally I hate your comments, but this one seems to be an actual enthusiastic post about a game.

Apart from your annoying wink face at the end of every comment and your reputation on Nintendo stories, I can't see why you have so many disagrees.

Neonridr1238d ago

I can, his reputation precedes himself.

gpturbo811237d ago

regardless of what hes previously said the disagrees are unnecessary. haters gonna hate

PopRocks3591237d ago


So you're alright bashing the Wii U for old third party ports and a Zelda remake, but a port of a half year old 3DS game is A-okay with you?

boogey1571238d ago

good to see this game coming

Concertoine1238d ago (Edited 1238d ago )

i just dont care to be honest. i would rather see the manpower go to getting games out faster and ensuring no more delays to upcoming games, or making new games entirely. it probably won't sell well considering how well the game sold on 3ds, i cant see myself shelling out another 40+ bucks to play a game i played so recently.
edit: even the release date seems off! 6 days after the christmas rush? if i were them, and if this is even real, i would at least push it to a bit before christmas.

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The story is too old to be commented.