Idea Factory International's CEO on Sony, working with NISA and censorship

Digitally Downloaded writes: "Along with the likes of GUST, System Prisma and Image Epoch, Compile Heart has been a rising force in the US and Europe thanks to the great work that, primarially, Nippon Ichi Software America (NISA) has done in localising and then promoting games such as Hyperdimension Neptunia and Mugen Souls. Other partners, such as Ghostlight and Aksys, have also helped the company localise its other games, such as the Record of the Agarest War franchise, but without a doubt NISA is the one driving the growth of these games in the US and international markets.

Idea Factory itself hasn’t had a direct presence in these western markets before, but now it does."

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izumo_lee1716d ago

Idea Factory as well as Compile Heart get a bad rap from the mainstream press which i feel are kind of unfair. Hopefully despite of these the company will continue to release games over to the west cause there are some quality games.

Neptunia is a fun JRPG, Agarest war games are good tactics games, Monster Monpiece although has a strange mechanic (rubbing your 'female' cards) is a really good game with some excellent music. With this new international division more games like MonMon will make it for fans to experience.

1716d ago
TwilightSparkle1716d ago

Hopefully we get some of those rpg games :) for vita :D

Chrono1716d ago (Edited 1716d ago )

They only make perverted games.

Neckbear1716d ago

And that'd be fine if they were fun to play, but they aren't.

Sanquine901716d ago

And? Do you watch anime? There is always a little bit of ecchi but i love it! Good storyline:D and the girls are always cute ^-^

Chrono1716d ago

No I don't watch this kind of stuff.

MattS1716d ago

Go back to Call of Duty. That sickens me far more than anything Compile Heart has ever made.

izumo_lee1716d ago

Fun fact that none of the games they release actually has any sexual intercourse in them. The games by Idea Factory & Compile Heart are rather less sexual than something like God of War or Witcher which does have sex in them.

IF & CH game are more comparable to a Victoria Secret's catalog rather than a Playboy.

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Apoca1ypse1716d ago

Censoring in games is rather ridiculous even if I understand the premise of why it's necessary. For the fans the true games is the ideal but on occasion some of the censored material is unneeded to enjoy the game. Still burns me up though.

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