Why Nintendo doesn't belong on mobile devices

Trago over at discusses some reasons why Nintendo games on smartphones and tablets simply wouldn't work out.

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dragongod64999d ago

I for one, hope you do go on other systems, stop making consals & be a game developer, love your games, now put them on the ps4.

PSNintyGamer999d ago

I for one, hope they don't. By the way it's 'consoles'.

Sincere0121999d ago

Y wud Nintendo put their games on a ps4, the audience isnt there, PlayStation fans are only interested in pretty graphics. Nintendo is about good quality gameplay for true gamers.

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jeffgoldwin999d ago (Edited 999d ago )

Correction to the title: Why aren't paid Nintendo games on other systems?

You can very easily get all the free roms on android and the pc. Most of these games are very fast twitch response, so you need to have a controller like Moga to play them effectively.

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