Check Out Watch_Dogs’ PS4 Gameplay From Sony’s Stage at Igromir: Sneaking, Driving and Blackouts

Two new videos of Watch_Dogs directly from Sony's stage events at Igromir, showing a single player mission and some driving.

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BigShotSmoov007938d ago

I"m looking foward to this game. November can't come soon enough. And they say there isn't any launch title games to play.

Abriael938d ago (Edited 938d ago )

Me too. Gonna play it on PC just to make sure I don't give up any modding chances, but It's my most anticipated november game for sure.

DeadManIV938d ago

People have ways of transferring saves from console to PC, unofficial ways of course.

HugoDrax938d ago

Now here I was trying to decide which console I was going to buy it for ( PS4 or my XB1) lol, but if I can transfer my save from console to PC, that will be amazing as well.

PlayStation_4937d ago


may as well get it on PS4 if you're deciding between PS4 & X1, it has PlayStation exclusive content, may not be much but it's something.

Abdou023937d ago

Video shows nothing at all, we need official video.

chrissx938d ago

Really looking forward to this game.the whole hacking thing looks a fresh idea

DeadManIV938d ago

I'm hoping for GTA with hacking.

PositiveEmotions938d ago

Im still debating if i should get it i cant make up my mind

DeadManIV938d ago

Check some reviews when it comes out

M-M938d ago

Yay more off screen gameplay...

XtraTrstrL938d ago

LoL, yeah, and the angle keeps getting worse and worse on them. So damn annoying. The angle and lighting is so far off on this one, it's almost not worth it.

Sevir938d ago

I really can't wait for this game, and Killzone!

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