GTA 5 Online - $700k/hr and 160k RP/hr Tutorial

This video will guide you and let you earn $700,000 per hour and 160k RP per hour.

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Donnieboi1472d ago

Damn this is detailed! Feels exactly like how a real heist would go down. Right down to the synchronized timing of where each team member needs to be in order to get the job done efficiently and timely.

Smurf11471d ago

It's really easy with sticky bombs and grenades. Just throw and bam.

Audiggity1471d ago

Exactly how a real-life heist would go down... assuming there were cement mixers that respawned in the exact same locations over and over again, yes :)

R* needs to take missions like this one and randomize the respawn locations to make them somewhat of a challenge.

showtimefolks1470d ago

wow thanks such detailed video and awesome guy doing commentary, seems very nice

keep up the great work

LOGICWINS1471d ago

Anyone know how you can buy GTA Money on PSN? I checked the PS Store and I couldn't find it.

camel_toad1471d ago

I think I remember reading that Rockstar pulled it until they have the game working a little better.

dazzrazz1471d ago ShowReplies(2)
LOGICWINS1471d ago

Makes sense. The game still has many issues so it isn't fair for Rockstar to take our money for it. I'm happy just replaying single player missions and screwing around in the world. I was hoping that the game would get better as I got more money, but I'm just going to ignore the online altogether.

memots1471d ago

just don't , you're part of the problem.

Software_Lover1471d ago

roflmao........... I spit some of my sprite out.

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Tetsujin1471d ago

This would be perfect, if your character data didn't get deleted every other day.

Elwenil1471d ago

Exactly. I've quit playing the online portion until the issues are fixed for good. If I have to sit that that tutorial with Lamar again I think I'll have an aneurism.

tristanwerbe1471d ago

online works perfect for me

CaptainPunch1471d ago

Great teamwork, shame you have to be level 45 to do this.

C L O U D1471d ago

GTA Online is a waste of time...

Audiggity1471d ago

As is Call of Duty, World of Warcraft, Sim City and Tetris... as well as all of our comments on what is your point?

C L O U D1471d ago

Clearly you haven't ranked up to level 20+ and have over 200,000+ to just lose all that progress

Audiggity1471d ago

CLOUD - You are right. If that had happened, I would be much more inclined to agree with you.

LOGICWINS1471d ago

Honestly, I'm not feeling it that much either. The single player narrative was so well done and GTA Online feels very meaningless in comparison.

I would have preferred a 10 hour Lamar side story over this. I'm not angry as I paid to play the single player and that delivers on every level. The online was just a bonus.

silvacrest1471d ago

perhaps you should have combined those two comments into one?

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The story is too old to be commented.