Check Out Four Minutes of Battlefield 4 Xbox One Gameplay, Showing the New Zavod 311 Map

Xbox One footage of Battlefield 4 is sure hard to come by nowadays (even because Electronic Arts tends to swat it down as soon as it gets uploaded), but the game is being showcased at the Microsoft booth at the Igromir trade show in Russia, and a fairly long video of its gameplay finally appeared.

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GarrusVakarian1415d ago

Ive had enough of off-screen gameplay lately from every next gen game. Give me some direct feed!

Abriael1415d ago

Sure, lemme call EA right away :D

Ezz20131415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

***Sorry,you are trying to reach EA..,they are not ready to take your call now,...please don't try again later***

MiHX21415d ago

This is EA,please don't ask us for a real Xbox One gameplay,We hate it.Dont reply.

0ut1awed1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I can just give you some recorded gameplay of BF4 on my PC if you would like. It runs at 60+fps just like the next gen consoles.

Although I'm playing in 1440p, 4x the 720p resolution of PS4/X1.

So maybe it would just disappoint you. :P

thehitman1415d ago

Thats nice outlawed what gpu u running it on?

0ut1awed1415d ago (Edited 1414d ago )


Thanks man. It's funny to see the disagrees because I wasn't really hating on consoles. I was merely trying to provide gameplay that's more representable of what you will see on the X1/PS4. I have a PS4 on preorder and I will probably buy BF4 for it just so I can stream it to my Vita. Hell I didn't even have a decent gaming rig until two years ago.Before then I was pretty much just on the PS3/360.

The system specs are...
3930k @ 4.8ghz under custom water loop
Asrock x79 extreme6 mobo
Corsair Vengence 16gb DDR3 ram
GTX 780 @ ~1150mhz clock
240gb mushkin chronos SSD
Corsair hx1050w PSU.

NewMonday1414d ago


AFAIK you can't because YouTube is limited to 1080/60fps

Unless you provide another way like a direct download

I myself would love to watch it, my brother will play it on PC and he would be very interested

0ut1awed1414d ago (Edited 1414d ago )

Well you're close and kind of right.

Youtube is sadly currently limited to 30fps. But like you said I can just provide a download link which you could watch on your own computer up to 60fps. That's what a lot of youtubers have been doing to show exactly what 60fps is like, by just adding DL links to the description.

Also youtube can output 1440p now, although it won't matter if you aren't on a 1440p+ monitor. For example, check the quality...

Only problem is the BF4 beta seems to not want to let screen capture programs run. Really weird because that's the first time I've ever had that issue in any game.

If I figure it out I'll try and provide you with a download link. I'll have to message you seeing this is my last bubble though.

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richierich1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

@ Lukas agreed 1000%

KwietStorm1415d ago

Off screen and not even HD. Was this recorded with a flip phone?

OhMyGandhi1414d ago

gameboy camera, to be precise.

Syntax-Error1414d ago

Someone please get this commie off the controller. Not only did he throw a grenade at his teammate 10 seconds into the match, but he cant stop running into walls.

ATi_Elite1414d ago

You know I too am sick and tired of off screen video.

first, all BF4 xb1 gameplay was PC using Xbox controllers
now all the darn footage is off screen.

Microsoft needs to grow a pair and show what the XB1 can do.

GuyThatPlaysGames1414d ago

The only improvement I can see in this video is increased framerate, which is something the BF series desperately needed!

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venom061415d ago

man.. this game is gonna be AWESOME @ 60FPS and 64 man servers.. bring on next-gen!

xKugo1415d ago

Even with next-gen Xbox, it's still missing AF, ambient occlusion, coupled with some poorly used AA(looks like MSAA?) and motion blur. Textures are piss poor(like seriously god awful) and the frame-rate is choppy, but that one is probably the video, which is once again not direct-feed. The PC beta right now even with everything on low settings is slightly better than this(I tested all the settings myself). Footage I've seen of the PS4 version is looking noticeably better. It's not even close right now...

GarrusVakarian1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

You must have super human vision to tell that it has poor AA from off-screen footage.

"The PC beta right now even with everything on low settings is slightly better than this"


Why come into a console article and spout your PC elitist BS? Does it make you feel better inside?

Abriael1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Yeah I was kinda wondering how he could. The textures aren't great, but we already knew that, but I don't see very evident jaggies besides what can easily be due to youtube compression.

At the very least the map looks good. I can't wait to see how it changes. I mean, in shanghai you can blow up a skyscraper. On the tropical island a typhoon comes. I wonder what happens here.

Software_Lover1415d ago

I thought that maybe he was a member of CPS and uses his implants like the chic in Continuum.

xKugo1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

Not really.
It's quite easy to see poorly utilized AA when you've been playing on Ultra settings for a few months. I see jaggies everywhere; i.e the backend of the primary weapon(AK-12), the tanks(which are still lacking adequate shaders and shadows), wall edges within the building, railings on the stairs, exc. exc.

YouTube compression has very little effect on great AA usages(such as strong SSAA or MSAA),definitely not to the degree that it would take a great looking game and make it look like the horse-shit you see above. That's just not probable. Btw, you don't need a computer made by NASA to play games on Ultra. Somebody could quite easily spend 900+ usd on a PC build and play BF4 at [email protected] on Ultra settings and continue to game at a much higher level than the consoles will ever reach. The only reason people like me spend as much money as we do(I spend $4000+) is for longevity and enthusiast reasons.

Heck the graphics I see RIGHT NOW, are the type that even the PS5 won't reach. Amazing games like the Witcher 3, The Division, Dragon Age: Inquisition and Batman: Arkham Origins are going to be significantly inferior on consoles, especially Batman as you can't even play it on next-gen hardware. Witcher 3?, you'll be lucky if you play that at 720p/60fps just because of how punishing The Witcher series can be on hardware. I still love the PS4(have it pre-ordered) but it's a common fact that it can't keep up. Period.

0ut1awed1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

WTF Kugo?

"The only reason people like me spend as much money as we do(I spend $4000+) is for longevity and enthusiast reasons. "

And yet just a day ago in another article you told me this...

"Are you planning on running dual or trip monitors because if not, a 2nd 780 is a waste."


I am running in 1440p and I barley get over 60fps on games out today, much less in 6+ months time. My monitor is clocked at 96hz so it's capable to output 96fps.

I agreed with most of what you said above. Still your comment from the other article mixed with your bubble rating makes me think you've been spewing some serious misinformation somewhere.

Something I did not agree with though is...

"Heck the graphics I see RIGHT NOW, are the type that even the PS5 won't reach"

That's naieve and stupid. The current gen consoles will be out for a solid 8+ years before we see a refresh.

Trust me a know as better than most how truley powerful PC gaming can be today. Even so, to say that the next gen consoles in 8+ years won't have comparable performance at the least is just naive. They will actually probably have full 4k support for gaming. Almost nothing excpet say a Titan can do 4k gaming currently. Even then a single Titan can only push 20-30fps at 4k in most current games.

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abusador1415d ago

Your full of &hit and no one believes you.

BigShotSmoov0071415d ago

I see why you only got 2 bubbles cause that rubbish you speak about the PS4 looking better is just laughable. Just realize that they look both the same and they both look beautiful.

Abriael1415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

I agree that it looks quite good. I'd say comparable to mid settings on PC. Not surprisingly since you need a PC made by NASA to run all Ultra.

Allsystemgamer1415d ago


Not true. My friend is running with on ultra at 45-60 fps on ultra with a 570. He built this desktop a few months ago and it only cost him $700. So no. You don't need NASA pcs to run the game.

Kayant1415d ago

Back to the cave with you...

drsfinest721415d ago

Leave this guy with only one bubble! U don't deserve to comment more than twice per article

gamer20131415d ago (Edited 1415d ago )

PS4 version better? I don't think so troll.

Check out the escalator in the PS4 version.

PFFT1415d ago

That looks ugly! But to be fair its only a beta. Im pretty sure the end product will look great on both systems.