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New PS4 FAQ Warns on Possible Region Locked Games, Shuhei Yoshida Says Console is Still Region Free

With the opening of the preorders of the PS4 (that went sold out almost instantly) in Japan, Sony Released a new official FAQ to explain the consoles most relevant ins and outs, and there's one point that got a few gamers worried about the possibility of not being able to play games from regions different from their console. (PS4, Shuhei Yoshida)

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majiebeast  +   635d ago | Well said
They leave the decision up to the devs and the only game that i know that was region locked on PS3 was P4 Arena. Which only hurt Atlus because Europeans were pissed off at the late release date here.
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fsfsxii  +   635d ago
P4A thing really pissed me off because i loved the game.
gaffyh  +   635d ago
Yeah this is actually very old news. We've known this since E3, it is just like PS3 and there were very few games that actually were region locked.
Abriael  +   635d ago
That one was actually slightly justified, because Zen United wouldn't have maked a penny out of it if Atlus' US version wasn't region locked lol.
Erudito87  +   634d ago
*wouldn't have MADE a penny
Yi-Long  +   635d ago
I was interested in P4 Arena, but I've been in Hong Kong instead of Holland the last 10 months, so wasn't able to pick it up here, due to that stupid region-lock.

By now I don't really care anymore, because I believe there's a new release coming out for Arcade (I think), as I assume it will also find it's way to console.
Bob Dole  +   634d ago
They still have arcades there? Lucky...
My_precious  +   635d ago
yes, it's piss me off too, i really looking forward when this game be announce but end up don't buy this one because of that's stupid region lock confuse the hell out of me

i'm using hong kong PS3 but my account is from NA store, i don't know which version i must buy for that game to work properly for both online and future DLC

and i won't buy any game use region lock on PS4 either because i plan to import my PS4 from either asia region or japan, just like my ps3 because i kind of feel that using O as the confirm button is more suit for me than using X like in US and EU version
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Pogmathoin  +   635d ago
No, you people do not know sarcasm.... Nice one domination.... Only fanboys do not know sarcasm... Because they respond right away without thinking...
Gamer1982  +   634d ago
This is the same as PS3 and i'm all fine with letting devs choose. Like with PS3 only a couple of games will be locked but every benefit you give devs to choose your console helps.
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dannylilley  +   635d ago
I'm hoping it'll more likely be the case for Japanese games on EU or US consoles. I plan on getting a US PS4 for use in the UK so this potential game only region locking better not screw that up or else I'll have a very sad face.
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RedDevils  +   634d ago
Lol why the hell you get US PS4 to use in the UK? Especially if you not 100% sure that games will run
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dannylilley  +   634d ago
Because everything else pointed to it working up until this point.
Baka-akaB  +   635d ago
Nothing has change it's the exact same policy .
Hicken  +   635d ago
Yeah, I'm not seeing any differences.
Eonjay  +   635d ago
It probably wont be much of an issue because the PS4 will be in most territories by mid 2014 anyway. We know the console isn't region locked so if it turns up that a tile can't be played, we know who to blame.
PositiveEmotions  +   635d ago
We already know this.
TomahawkX  +   635d ago
pre-order cancelled!

CEOSteveBallmer  +   635d ago
I Sure hope almost "All" games on PS4 is region free if its up to the developer just like PS3 today. Because whats the use of a Region free console if most games will be locked right? Remember Xbox one is now region free and sony should keep this in mind since one of PS3's strengths was it's region free console and 360 is not.
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Acquiescence  +   635d ago
Any company...
that region-locks their game on a region-free console is a total dick.

*eyes Atlus*
nick309  +   635d ago
I hope ishin and guilty gear will be region free.
DigitalRaptor  +   635d ago
I hope they take time to subtitle Ishin. I'd import it in a second.

Damn that game looks awesome!
ShinnokDrako  +   635d ago
Well... all the consoles (region free ones) had/have/will have games region locked if the developer decides to, but it's not the console fault, so it's not a problem (of course Xbox fanboys will feast on this too).
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kannivogi997   635d ago | Spam
DigitalRaptor  +   635d ago
If they keep it exactly how it was with PS3 (which is what it sounds like), then no problem.
Cuders  +   635d ago
every console has region locked games that is nothing new.
annus  +   635d ago
PS3 was heavily open in regards to region locking in comparison to other consoles. Pretty much everything was region-free, and this just confirms it's the same policy on PS4.
BobBelcher  +   635d ago
Japanese only games. Duh.
assdan  +   634d ago
No, the PS4 itself is not region locked, but a dev can choose if the game is. This is one of the first articles I've seen that answers it's own question because it's so stupid.
Harpers_Ferry  +   634d ago
As others have mentioned, this is nothing new, but it's kind of scary to think that if every developer/publisher decided to, they could essentially make it as if the consoles were region locked anyway.

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