2008 is the year of gaming

CNET's Don Reisinger writes:

"Every year, the technology industry tries to crown the one attribute that dominated the landscape all year. And while it may be early to decide what 2008 will be defined as when it's all said and done, I think gaming has taken the prize already.

Let's face it--what else could possibly take the cake? Will it be the year of mergers just because Microsoft and Yahoo may join up while Circuit City and Blockbuster do the same thing? Boring. Will 2008 be the year of computers? Try one decade ago. Will it be the year of Web 2.0? Who cares.

The fact of the matter is that in 2008, nothing will be nearly as important or groundbreaking in this industry as gaming. Whether it's the fact that the Playstation made a huge turnaround this year or that a new DS will hit store shelves or even the fact that this year's line up of games is simply better than any other year in recent memory, 2008 will be big and I'm looking forward to seeing what happens from here on out."

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Genesis53891d ago (Edited 3891d ago )

And let all the gamers enjoy themselves. Be it 1 system owners, 2 system owners or 3 system owners. It's all good.

SL1M DADDY3891d ago

No matter your choice of platform or if you are a multiplatform owner, be a gamer above all and enjoy the real reason we all are a part of this hobby/industry.

Palodios3891d ago

Wasn't LAST year the year of gaming? So far, the games coming out don't impress me much, but then again I'm a rpg fan nostalgic for the ps1 era, and it seems like all the big games are shooters. LBP, Spore, Starcraft 2 and MGS4 interest me, but I wouldn't say this year will be the year when gaming really breaks out.

Kleptic3891d ago

these articles would be acceptable...if they didn't say it every single year...

look how quickly last year was forgotten...which was the 'best lineup in history'...only thing anyone is still playing is CoD 4, and hugely aniticipating GTAIV and think early 2009 will be any different?...nope...2009 will be the year of gaming...

DFresh3891d ago

Time for the PS3 to take its rightful place as being the number one console of choice.