Conker's Bad Fur Day - revisiting the cuter, filthier Rare of 2005

It was a brilliant pitch. Fresh from its divorce from Nintendo, Rare, the newest member of the Microsoft family, would toast its new marriage by re-releasing one of its best-loved games in a new, improved form.

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1600d ago
Venox20081600d ago

my best game of all time ^^ LOVE IT!!! :)))

CRAIG6671599d ago

Just hope the rumors (started recently by a RARE employee) of a new conker game turn out to be true...

Venox20081599d ago

even if they will do it, they need Chris Seavor back, without him...hmm.. I know that he has got indie company now.. still I wish for a proper Conker 2..

hankmoody1599d ago

They messed up the Xbox remake of this big time. I still have my copy of the original N64 version. I loved this game to pieces and I sometimes catch myself singing the great mighty poo version.

CRAIG6671599d ago

I still play the remake from time to time, what's up with it dude? I like it.

hankmoody1599d ago

I thought that they changed quite a bit from the original. The original was pitch perfect but they made lots of small changes that just took away from the game. I think that's why it didn't catch on.

LoaMcLoa1599d ago

I haven't played it but I noticed they censored a lot of content in the remake. Like when they say twat and shit..

Max-Zorin1599d ago (Edited 1599d ago )

Game was so graphic it had to say not for under 17 when you turned the system on.