Get Around Xbox Live's IP Restrictions

A user by the name of Spl0it has figured out a way for users to download content otherwise banned by their respective government.

Disclaimer: Perform these procedures at your own risk.

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GutZ313891d ago

Don't have a 360, and will most likely never get one, but by golly, doesn't everyone love imports?

GavinMannion3891d ago

Just to clarify, the Xbox 360 is officially sold by Microsoft in South Africa so it's not like we import these things.

We have just not been given official live access even though we have more gamers online than most of the new Live countries...

gw4k3891d ago

I have the second post!
Bubbles for me!

Dark_Vendetta3891d ago

This is really old. But it worked few months ago for me (GoW map pack - from germany) and as I know it still works (MS can't do anything against it beside banning all vpn IPs)

Citizen Cook3891d ago

I really want the marketplace content America has but the rest of the world doesn't. But i'm affraid M$ will find out and ban me...


brothersimon3891d ago

Because he doesnt understand a word of what is been said so he just laughs :-[