Grand Theft Auto Online: Tips and tricks for success

Here are 26 tips and tricks to help your character thrive in the immersive world of Grand Theft Auto Online

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1527d ago
GarrusVakarian1527d ago

Best tip i have is 'be good' at the game. If you stay in a matchmaking playlist and come first most of the time you will earn loads of money.

Also remember to sell a luxury SUV once every in- game day to Los Santos Customs for a nice profit.

rdgneoz31527d ago

Another easy way for money. Find a mission that gives 5 or 9k cash. Find a few oyhers that can communicate. After the mission hit like and R2 fast. It'll restart the mission. That or set to solo and easy. The meth truck delivery You can skip the group of csrs and last bike if you go off road And don't follow the yellow path. Aduct is even easier.

HammadTheBeast1527d ago

They need to fix this BS thing though, where you lose $2000 every time someone kills you. Even if you're not carrying money, it takes it out of your bank.

Then it spawns you nearby and same shit happens.

GarrusVakarian1527d ago

Don't play with randomers. Its best to play with a group of friends so you know you don't have to worry about being killed.

Donnieboi1527d ago

You lose $2000 everytime someone kills u in a REAL match? Or do u lose the money when in free roam? I love killing fools in free roam since there's so much space, but if they lose $2000 even if it's in the bank, then now I feel awful. I just wanna cause a rampage back & forth without any real consequence to the other player's [banked] money.

iceman061527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

I keep hearing that it is roughly 5% of your total worth...thus if you have more lose more money. I hate it too, but I guess that is the nature of playing online. My hope is that once the newness of the game wears off people will calm down a bit and just play the game. I got jumped on the second I came out of the tutorial. I was lucky as hell to escape with my life and my measly bit of money that I had made. However, it was a GREAT way to be introduced to what I could expect for later.

duli141527d ago

Best tip I have is don't put too much effort in to earning money and leveling up your character. Just lost my level 17 character and $200,000. From now on I'm just going to create a temporary character on my second account and just have fun doing deathmatches and causing mayhem with my friends. Hope rockstar sorts out this bug ASAP.

GarrusVakarian1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Just lost mine too, but it's because i cant connect to the servers. As soon as i can, i imagine i will be able to see my character again. So best advice is NOT to make a new character because it will save over it. Sit tight and be patient and load up the online every now and again to see if you are re connected the the R* servers.

HammadTheBeast1527d ago

How did you get 200 k? I'm having a hard time maintaining 35 lol.

GarrusVakarian1527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

Stay in matchmaking playlists, coming first is obviously where the big bucks are. I take a luxury SUV (usually the one which resembles a Hummer H2) every in game day to Los Santos Customs, those 2 things together have made me 155k over the past few days.

duli141527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

What Lukas has already said. Also I try and avoid dying. Each death cost $2000 for me.

Has anyone lost huge amounts of money from dying in missions and death matches? Even if the money is in the bank.

xActionBasturdx1527d ago

Dude i just lost my lvl 28 character with roughly 300k...i had the 223k apt, a conquette and i just bought the cognescenti cabrio at like at 3am...only to wake up a few bours later for them to tell me to create another character. I really hope i can get all my stuff back or at least the money for it

Sadie21001527d ago

John Marston should've been a playable character!

orangechicken671527d ago

You can get him as a dad when making a character.

310dodo1527d ago

Dont care about your stats/money/character too much lol.

that would be my advice at the moment.
2 of my characters have now disappeared.
sucks because if this game ran smooth, it would be Epic beyond words.

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