AMD Aims To Give OpenGL A Big Boost, "API Won't Be The Bottleneck"

DSOGaming writes: "Well, you gotta love AMD and its engineers. Mantle looks - in paper - amazing, however that's not the only thing the red team is currently working on. According to Graham Sellers, OpenGL guy at AMD, the red team will be supporting this open API with some high performance extensions that will offer almost similar performance to AMD's upcoming API, Mantle."

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Steven36571662d ago

PS4 Will use OpenGL, this is great news.

Pandamobile1662d ago

This literally has nothing to do with the PS4.

SniperControl1662d ago

Once again Panda is right, Mantle is a PC based API.
Both the PS4 and X1 use their own custom low level API's.

JasonKCK1662d ago

What is it with this site? People always bring up Playstation in everything.

Ju1662d ago

PS4 doesn't use OpenGL.

Pandamobile1662d ago

It's a subset of OpenGL ES, is it not?

Ju1662d ago

No. It's a complete custom library. Whatever PSGL is, it's there for convenience - if someone wants to port OGL code. But usually nobdoy does.

Niv1662d ago

Giving the headache DX a cold shoulder.

Multiplats will be more optimized for PC with OpenGL hence,

PS4 will benefit big time,

Grap1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

they are very similar to each other. the only difference is DX has the performance, OpenGL easier + it has nothing to do with PS4. It's a fact that PS4 use OpenGL but it's a custom one so, sony won't gain anything from this.

kevnb1662d ago

ps4 this ps4 that, this is good news for pc gaming and moving away from depending on microsoft.


Exactly, but this site is full PS fans who love to think everything is related to PS4

Nocando1662d ago

Correction, everything positive is related to PlayStation.

solar1662d ago

as a PS fan Nocando i cant stand the fan base. i criticize everything i spend money on. cars, electronics, doesnt matter what it is. just like every other fanboy on the planet, the PS fanboys cant handle criticism.

denero11662d ago

I agree ps fans scareeee me no matter how nice you try to put your wording if you don't say something positive they will devour you O.o

LordDhampire1662d ago

Ps4 is everything, and everything is ps4

The ps4 is always watching and judging you

Hicken1662d ago

So ONE person erroneously mentions that this'll affect PS4, and now it's every PS fan in every article, period.

Hmm... I wonder how many MS fans do the same damn thing. Should we go around to all the PS articles and count em up?

No, I doubt you'd want that.


@Hicken, i count 3 people idk what are u talking about, and there isnt more because some guys here have already debunked with precise information that PS4 has nothing to do with this article, except for you know, some PS die hard fans who still refuse to accept the truth, oh and by the way about those MS fans u are talking about i have to disagree because there are few of those in comparison with PS fans which are like a plague all over this site

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ATi_Elite1662d ago

Hey you know you cant say anything negative about the Ps4 without losing bubbles even if it's true.

Now what was this article about again because I totally forgot because I got sucked into a PS4 wormhole.

GDDR5 FTW! (I don't want to lose anymore bubbles) LOL

Ohlmay1662d ago

This has nothing to do with PS4, Mantle API won't be on the PS4... PS4 has a low level OpenGL custom API.

Nik_P7571662d ago

PS4 OpenGL is upgradable so this could be useful very soon. I'm not sure why y'all are saying it doesn't affect PS4 when it does. It's like when a new DX update comes out it will most likely affect the X1 in a positive way. Software people, software.

Ju1662d ago (Edited 1662d ago )

First, PS4 does not run OpenGL. It runs it's own GCN lib. Sony offers a "wrapper" in form of PSGL, extensions are vendor specific if and how those will even get into PSGL - if at all - is totally unrelated to this article. Sony won't need to support extension, they could simply create their own since this is a fixed box. Games usually don't use PSGL. Sony's low level lib has nothing to do with OpenGL (or PSGL). It is a bare bone graphics API and has full access to the chipset (most likely like Mantel).

This is a tweet from someone @ AMD who writes extensions for them. If anything, I am still waiting for full 4.4 drivers with compute support. When will those be out??? If anything, maybe AMD could take the time and update their OpenGL implementation for current cards, how's that?