Console Monster: Mario Kart Wii Review

Console Monster writes: "Mario Kart returns on the Wii and fails to completely shake off its Double Dash inspired party game feel. This not withstanding, Nintendo comes to the table with some great innovations and additions to the series: a well designed clutch of new tracks. Online racing, Mii integration, motorbikes. half-pipes and new weapons. These new features complement the inclusion of historic course to make this the most complete Mario Kart experience to date.

With Nintendo heading off into the grand open waters of the causal gamers and family-friendly market, us hardcore gamers are left wondering whether they have forgotten all about us. But all it takes is a little look at their AAA first party games (read: Mario Galaxy, Metroid Prime and Zelda) and it is clear that currently they are doing very well keeping the gamers happy whilst courting the masses. The question is how long they can keep this up before one of these strategies impinges on the other.

Mario Kart, although a very competent game as we shall discuss, could be the first chink in their armour..."

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eagle213894d ago

It felt generic and "party like". But then the DS Mario Kart was awesome. I wish they would have made the Wii Kart game closer to the DS counterpart. Oh well, back to GT5. :)