Next-Gen Visuals Displayed By CRYENGINE Modders

DSOGaming writes: "Next-Gen era is almost upon us and CRYENGINE modders have been hard at work displaying what next-gen games can look like with Crytek’s proprietary engine."

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mattdillahunty1660d ago

i had to pull this video up while looking at those screenshots.

webeblazing1659d ago

People gonna be real disappoint when games Dont look that good

GamingTruth1659d ago

photorealism isnt appealing to me anyway even if so

SkullBlade1691659d ago

Depends which platform you play on.

DestinyHeroDoomlord1659d ago

Next-gen... so pc? Or console's? Haha who am I kidding superior graphics will always belong to pc.

spicelicka1659d ago

haha who gives a shit, haha did you invent the PC? Are you the only one in the world with a PC? haha then why are gloating over it?

DestinyHeroDoomlord1659d ago

Here's a funny story, my pc can barely run counterstrike 1.6... point is you can't argue with facts.

JunioRS1011659d ago

Honestly idk why CE gets so much credit for being "next-gen" when most of the screenshots of mods I've seen literally do not look better that FC3 or BF3.

Cryengine is a good engine, don't get me wrong, but the guys over at Crytek have a long way to go with respect to AI and physics and character animations.

Their environments are gorgeous, but let's not forget about the other things that make a game incredible.

FC3's AI, IMO, was the funnest of any game I've played so far. You could really mess with them... You could be seen and escape right under their noses so long as you were quiet and they didn't see you.

mattdillahunty1659d ago (Edited 1659d ago )

have you played any of the games you mentioned on max settings? i haven't played Far Cry 3 yet, but i've played both Battlefield 3 and Crysis 3 on max settings on my PC. BF3's visuals are not even in the same league as Crysis 3. i know graphics aren't everything, gameplay is king, etc, but Crysis has never had overrated graphics. they set the standard for next gen graphics with Crysis, which wasn't matched for years, then set the standard once again with Crysis 3's graphics. regardless of whether you enjoy the games, they are the graphics kings.