GTAIV: So Good It's Criminal

Sam Leith takes an exclusive test-drive of this year's most hotly tipped video game.

In his review he writes:
"It is, I know, bad taxi etiquette to punch my elbow out and smash the offside window. The taxi-driver thinks so too. We screech to a halt in the middle of the traffic, and he gets out to give me a piece of his mind".

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happyjimmy3711d ago

That can only mean they scored it an 11/10!

Whoo! 110% average for GTA IV! Lets see halo 3 do that!

SilPho3711d ago

There's no score because it comes from the Daily Telegraph, not a gaming website.

Although it does say something that a newspaper which normally reviews Books and Films is talking about this, with a note on the front page (of the real paper) and everything.

PopEmUp3711d ago

doesn't or even deserved the score of any GTA games, because it's just too overate, and the games is purely suck, nothing improving except some stupid weapons and vehicles, how lows is that? BTW everybody here knows it's not on the same genre, but to compared the game just overrated

Gazman3711d ago

10 days to go and we are going to see more and more of these review with the same thing being written over and over again. And with out a doubt a day or two before release you can bet on it that the release date will be broken or some moron with try to play it online.

potenquatro3711d ago

my 360 rrod 2 days ago and i'm out of warranty.i really wanted gta for xbox,but i'll get it for ps3.i'm not into wasting money,so i won't buy nother xbox until they're better or is the most fun i've had with any gaming machine ever.gamertag xxmachetero psn and steam tags will remember u always.i still have 7 months left on my live acount and like 500msp' they refund?

jkhan3711d ago

8 days to go, on the 9th day, I will be playing GTA4 :D

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