Check Out Two Ryse: Son of Rome Videos, Showcasing Multiplayer Gameplay

Two more videos of Xbox One exclusive Ryse: Son of Rome from the Russian trade show Igromir.

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urwifeminder1658d ago

Third on my launch list but looking fun see you in the game.

lifeisgamesok1658d ago

I'm anxious to play this. I think it'll definitely get a sequel. It's shaping up to be a great game so far. I hope it has a good story too

Haules1658d ago

Looks nice. But the gamplay looks really clunky :/

Software_Lover1658d ago

I agree the gameplay looks slow, but these guys aren't ninjas. They're gladiators.

SkippyPaccino1658d ago

Slow gladiators with God powers... I thinks it's more the devs that aren't able to make it run smoothly

LackTrue4K1658d ago

Yep your right, they should move like gladiators and not crippled cave man.

Edvin19841658d ago

Never seen any one play a game, and be less focused than this guy lol. Aren't these people the same that posted the controller latency videos? I am not here to bash this guy, but he needed to stretch before he started playing seemed busy stretching rather then playing hahah.

Abriael1658d ago

Nah, the videos aren't from the same dude.

mixelon1658d ago

The animation when characters get close and start waving weapons around is glitchy as hell, i hope they can fix it a bit before launch.

MRMagoo1231658d ago

That combat just looks terribad, how long do they have to fix it to start shipping, the console is out soon.

mdluffy1658d ago

I think the game will be gold soon, or already is!
So almost no or very little time, but they can push out a day 1 patch.

DevilishSix1658d ago

My guess is the game needs to go gold in two or three weeks. They will need to start replicating copies by months end I imagine to be ready for launch, so other than polish I would say what you see is what you get.

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The story is too old to be commented.