Pokemon X and Y Doublade evolution into Aegislash excites

Product-Reviews writes: With just days to go now until the mighty arrival of arguably the biggest Nintendo 3DS game of the year hits with Pokemon X and Y, we have some more juicy news to share with you. After the reveal of the Pokemon X and Y final starter evolutions with Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja, it looks like the next big evolution has been revealed – the final evolution of Honedge.

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danswayuk1530d ago

Pokemon X and Y is for both adults and kids.

1530d ago
TekoIie1530d ago

Cool design! Becomes a sword and shield :3

I wonder what it means by "blade forme" at the top of the screen? Perhaps it's ability related!

Either way October 12th is taking too long to arrive!!!

tr00p3r1530d ago

Yeah, Aegislash seems like it has multiple forms and multiple special moves to surprise trainers :)

Sevir1530d ago

So ready to get back into pokemon... Buying a 2DS and X version on release day

tr00p3r1530d ago

Why 2DS? :O It won't fit in your pocket.

SpiralTear1530d ago

I guess they're just regular monsters then.

Nerdmaster1529d ago

Or he will call them Backpack Monsters. Backmon?

Sevir1529d ago

Increased play time and finance friendly...

1530d ago
lg1511529d ago

I agree Sevir i have pre ordered the 2ds and x for saturday i dont care that its not able to fit in my pocket the hinges i ahted any way i broke 2 ds's because of them and i was always carful