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Pokemon X and Y Doublade evolution into Aegislash excites

Product-Reviews writes: With just days to go now until the mighty arrival of arguably the biggest Nintendo 3DS game of the year hits with Pokemon X and Y, we have some more juicy news to share with you. After the reveal of the Pokemon X and Y final starter evolutions with Chesnaught, Delphox and Greninja, it looks like the next big evolution has been revealed – the final evolution of Honedge. (3DS, Pokemon X and Y)

danswayuk  +   665d ago
Pokemon X and Y is for both adults and kids.
binassussa149   664d ago | Spam
TekoIie  +   664d ago
Cool design! Becomes a sword and shield :3

I wonder what it means by "blade forme" at the top of the screen? Perhaps it's ability related!

Either way October 12th is taking too long to arrive!!!
tr00p3r  +   664d ago
Yeah, Aegislash seems like it has multiple forms and multiple special moves to surprise trainers :)
Sevir  +   664d ago
So ready to get back into pokemon... Buying a 2DS and X version on release day
tr00p3r  +   664d ago
Why 2DS? :O It won't fit in your pocket.
SpiralTear  +   664d ago
I guess they're just regular monsters then.
Nerdmaster  +   664d ago
Or he will call them Backpack Monsters. Backmon?
Sevir  +   664d ago
Increased play time and finance friendly...
tillame057   664d ago | Spam
lg151  +   664d ago
I agree Sevir i have pre ordered the 2ds and x for saturday i dont care that its not able to fit in my pocket the hinges i ahted any way i broke 2 ds's because of them and i was always carful

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