These Stacked PS4 Consoles Look Like a Sturdy Statue

Modern art tends to gravitate towards the weird and wonderful, and this image of four stacked PlayStation 4 consoles looks like the kind of thing that you’d expect to find on display in a pretentious gallery of sorts. The tower image was snapped by Jared Gerritzen, the studio director at Seattle-based indie outfit Zombie. The team is working on two titles for Sony’s next generation machine: Blacklight Retribution and Daylight.

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GamerXD1355d ago

More like metallic pizza box. So sexy.

pedrof931355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I find really hard not to like the ps4 design.

PeaSFor1355d ago

the Ps4 kinda look like the chip in Terminator 2

typikal821355d ago

One in my living room.... One in my bedroom... One in the bathroom... And one in my fridge, for over clocking.

vigilante_man1355d ago

I'll have mine to GO thank you!

M-M1355d ago


I think you need to get your eyes checked lol.

b163o11355d ago

More like a stack of NES cartridges...

StockpileTom1355d ago

"...while you have no PS4s"

miyamoto1355d ago

This is called the "PS Fourtress" HQ.

miyamoto1355d ago

This is called the "PS Fourtress" HQ.

A magnificent work of architecture & engineering.

nukeitall1354d ago

I definitely like the PS4 design better than the PS3 design, which was ugly. Heck, even the Xbox One design is an upgrade over previous generations.

It's kind of good to see good looking devices, except for the Wii U. That was a step backwards from the Wii!

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HammadTheBeast1355d ago

That's one expensive Jenga game.

alexkoepp1355d ago

Haha, from a Forman grill to a pizza box - japan has no style lol

Riderz13371354d ago

But a rectangle is very stylish amirite

XtraTrstrL1355d ago

Gimme one'a those, greedy bastards.

Jack_Of_All_Blades1355d ago

Damn that's a fine looking console

come_bom1355d ago

And this is news ?

Who approves these articles ? N4G is going down the drain.

WorldGamer1355d ago

Doesn't stop you or the guy above you from being on there EVERY SINGLE DAY. Contrary to popular belief, no one is forcing you go frequent this site. FACT.

SKUD1355d ago

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Be sure to thank them for their hard work.

Kayant1355d ago

Funny thing sadly is that it's within the rules -->

medman1355d ago

You clicked on it, didn't you?

GTgamer1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Lol not only did he click on it but he also commented smh its not like he didn't know what to expect when he read the title.

360ICE1355d ago

Well, he clicked to say "this sucks". Fair enough.

dmeador1354d ago

He was probably thinking it had to be something considering its so high on this site. But when he realized it was so insignificant he added his opinion, and I'll agree that " Hey look! 4 consoles stacked on top of each other!" Is a pretty lame article.

Jamaicangmr1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

I know this wasn't worthy of an article but come on you don't have to be so uptight about it. Look at the comments it's just a laid back thread. Slow news day it's not that serious.

Plus stop being an hypocrite you even enter the article worse commented.

Ducky1355d ago (Edited 1355d ago )

Welcome to N4G, where Hiroshi Yamauchi's passing away goes by relatively unnoticed while a picture of a stack of PS4's makes the front page.

lsujester1354d ago

Sad isn't it? Yamauchi is the man largely responsible for developing Nintendo into a video games company, yet his death is overshadowed on here by a stack of PS4s and an ignorant kid showing off a Xbox One he shouldn't have.

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