Zenimax might add more races to The Elder Scrolls Online after launch

Zenimax Online is aware that not every race in TES lore is included at launch in The Elder Scrolls Online, and some might be added later.

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thekhurg1690d ago

Will this come with the removal of a monthly subscription?

Alexious1690d ago

Well, certainly not for the time being.

Maybe at a much later date, if they're not doing well.

Red_Devilz1690d ago

Do you really think they will do well with $15 a month AND microtransactions?

webeblazing1690d ago

I'm not sure if this game would do well even if there was not fee it just look like a trash game compared to the new MMOs coming out don't mean to sound like a hater but look at it now look at wildstar everquest next etc

1690d ago
xyxzor1690d ago

So let me get this straight. They're going to charge for a sub and maybe add more races down the line. lolz, okay bethesda, okay.

webeblazing1690d ago

I'm surprised people r looking forward 2 this game it looks like shit there's a ton of MMOs that look better they just doing it 4 a quick buck

Baka-akaB1690d ago

Well i know i'm not , out of the blockbuster mmo that recenly released or will be released , its the least appealing one imo

PurpHerbison1690d ago

This game will not do well.

6YardsOut1690d ago

I'm still saving up for a good gaming pc lol but I may be tempted to try this game for a couple of months even with the sub fee.

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