Pokemon X and Y has a Dragonball Z Reference

Pokemon's X and Pokemon Y are getting released internationally on the same day. The reason why is because Nintendo wanted to surprise everyone at the same time with its content but guess what? We live in the digital age and that can only mean on thing: LEAKS!! And plenty of it.

One of them, shockingly, happens to be a reference to cheesy DBZ dubbin.

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Majin-vegeta1300d ago

You rang sir how can i be of some help??:P

_QQ_1300d ago

pokemon dbz crossover confirmed?

CloudyAero1300d ago

Lmao, I just pictured pikachu zapping the hell out of Krillin (instantly killing him)

SpiralTear1300d ago

I just pictured Magikarp using Splash against Krillin, instantly killing him.