Bathurst Circuit - Forza 5 vs Gran Turismo 6

GearNuke: We recently got to see Bathurst Circuit for Gran Turismo 6. It looked spectacular for sure. Curiously, we saw the same circuit in Forza Motorsport 5, which is a upcoming next generation Racing Sim. We decided to compare both versions and see what upgrade a next generation game has got over current generation game.

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urwifeminder1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

Raceroom does this track well will be great to take my Japanese and euro cars around this im aussie but hate aussie racing not long now before I get my forza..

Aceman181690d ago

Being from the states I hate NASCAR, but I love Aussie V8 racing. I can't wait to give this track a go in GT6.

Haules1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )

GT6 still has the most accurate lighting! GT6 Tracks in the pictures looks more natural and realistic than Forza's track. FM5 track has a yellowish tint makes it look very unrealistic.

Its impressive to see a game like GT6 with complex physics running on a 8 years old hardware still looking as good or even better (at lighting) than a next gen game.

Btw people should stop comparing these 2 games cause they are different.
Forza 5 is a casual arcade racing game and GT6 is a proper driving simulator with realistic tire physics.



mixelon1690d ago

I dunno, the yellowish tint is something that happens a lot in real life depending on season and the position of sun/cloud cover. Things arent colour calibrated to RGB white in reality. The forza shots are definitely more atmospheric as a result.

They both look great though, especially given the old hardware.

dumahim1690d ago

Yeah, looks like another Forza track where they have the sun low in the sky so we have to deal with the annoying glare of the sun yet again and never actually able to see the track due to the glare.

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TechMech21690d ago

I agree that the games are two entirely different games, but I still think gran Turismo 5's gameplay graphics were just awful. I'm not sure why they look so bad in gameplay but not in screenshots. Maybe it's just my tv or something

slampunk1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


Spoken like a true FB!

Forza is a simulator, more than an arcade racer! It's good you gain all of your wisdom (about forza 5) from a youtube vid!


Gondee1690d ago

Your stupid, both FM5 and GT series are "arcade" racers. fun is the goal with both of them... Iracing represents a more realistic driving sim. GT has a old and very poor tire simulation as well, not sure where you got your info

WarThunder1690d ago

Then you never played Granturismo.

Tony-Red-Grave1690d ago

The word out of the Eb expo is that they updated, not just the physics, the tire physics. So cars react differently to bumps on the road. In fact as a user on GTP noted "the physics are very comparable to iRacing".

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InMyOpinion1690d ago

The trees in Forza 5 doesn't look very "next-gen" to me. Might be better in the final version though.

Amigaengine1690d ago

"The trees in Forza 5 doesn't look very "next-gen" to me"


slampunk1690d ago

"The trees in Forza 5 doesn't look very "next-gen" to me"

LMFAO too!

MRMagoo1231690d ago

So the ps3 gt6 looks better than the next gen forza 5, i am impressed with what they can squeeze out of the ps3.

Goku7811690d ago

When your next gen games keep getting compared to your competitions current gen games something is wrong. How many time do we hear this PS4 game vs this 360 game? You don't.

slampunk1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


"When your next gen games keep getting compared to your competitions current gen games"

Your intelligent comments never seem to amaze!!! The article is just comparing that Mount Panorama "Bathurst" is finally in the 2 biggest racing games coming out!

One console (PS) gamers (such as you) should be more worried that 2 months prior to launch, knack is still the only game being shown on PS4 hardware! as someone who is getting both, this is a bit concerning!

Goku7811690d ago

If you read others comments around this article, NeoGaf, YouTube, and other sites, Yes, yes they are getting compared. Also wasn't it the DR3 developers that just said our fidelity is just as good as Uncharted a PS3 game? Yes people and developers are saying things in comparison like this. Also if you read previous statements I have been saying positive things about Forza. In fact it's one of two games I probably would get, the other crimson dragon. But day one year one Xbox One? No thank you. It'll take about 3 more 360's for them to show me they are headed in the right direction. And having just one Ikaruga caliber game is not going to make me buy another MS incomplete system.

PS I own every system since Atari 2600 but a Wii U and will own one before years end. Again I love video games, but MS has had negative effect ever since they came in the console business. I don't want to continue supporting that like its ok. But if you do that's fine, to each his own.

slampunk1690d ago (Edited 1690d ago )


You've been gaming for as long as i have (since 2600).

Whilst i understand it's cool to hate on XB1 due to DRM etc......which i'm glad they've changed......isn't it hypocritical for you to on one hand say:

"but MS has had negative effect ever since they came in the console business"

and yet then you say you're buying an XB1 on the other......???!!!

MS coming into the console business has been awesome....I didn't game on the original XB, but had some great times on my 360 this gen.....They have really pushed Sony which only benefits us, the consumers......why would anyone want a console monopoly?

It's like saying you're vegetarian, but eat meat on the weekend?!

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