Elveon: Theatrical Pre-Alpha Trailer

Take the deepest look yet into the old Elvish tale of the world of Naon.

Note: The trailer representing the pre-alpha build was created in 2007. This footage was released to the public just recently.

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power of Green 3683d ago

Sorry man so amny people are confused just put it as PS3 untill we know more the devs have not updated the info really I read it was canceled

even on *the elveon* website PS3 is listed but then further down the page I posted only confirms the PC and 360 version, weird?.

Tetsuryu3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

I believe part of it has to with the devs keeping hush for a while. Though they haven't made any official announcements to clear the confusion, I'll re-add it to the PS3 channel for the time being.

ParaDise_LosT3683d ago

Reminded me abit of Jade Empire in terms of gameplay..
The gfxs needs work, but this is a pre alpha build(or so they claim)

Looking forward for more info :D

BoneMagnus3683d ago

Is it an action RPG, an open-world game? The swordplay reminds me of Prince of Persia - a good thing. I wonder if it is like a God of War type action game...

hazeblaze3683d ago

I hope this makes it out this year. This one is worth looking forward too. Too Human just continues to SUCK everytime I see it, but I think this could take it's place as being the action rpg game to look for!

The animations aren't that great and it still needs some more polish. But it's looking good enough that I'd check it out even in its current condition.

dragunrising3683d ago

I suggest you do because it definitely doesn't suck anymore.

hazeblaze3683d ago (Edited 3683d ago )

Of course I've seen Too Human lately. And yes, it still reeks of major suckage. The combat in Too Human still looks below average. The animation sucks in that game as well. And for all the hype the graphics are still below average. I think it might have an interesting story... but I don't want to have to put up with playing the game to find out! There are some cool elements to the game... if the combat didn't look so lame, I'd be interested in the rpg-like customization options. But for the most part, Too Human looks too lame!

jkhan3683d ago

I agree with you, although the game looks good no question about it, but the animation system is a bit too awkward, I mean Baldur will just slide down the stairs, like it doesn't give the feel that the floor has any ups and downs. Similarly all the character movements are too jerky to say the least. My last grief with this game is that the combat animation just doesn't seem right. I mean you don't get a feel that your sword is touching the enemy.

kalistyles3683d ago

looks like crap. Seems like it would play even worse. Meh!!

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