PS3 Laptop charity auction, bid on Ebay

Remember Ben Heck's magical PS3 laptop? Well, now you can buy one -- provided you have the cash. Currently available for $8000 on eBay, 100% of the proceeds will go to charity: the National Cancer Coalition. The laptop will come signed and well, free shipping will be thrown in. Not that it really matters when you're already shelling out this much dough.

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Mc Fadge3889d ago

Preeeeety *________*

Not THAT is an awesome idea <33333

zen_fart3889d ago

when is this coming out on 360?

ambientFLIER3889d ago

He already made a 360 laptop a while ago.

chrstphr5673889d ago

Nice laptop but too expencesive for my taste. Imagin carrying the thing around and dropping it. No warrenty and sony doesn't even wanna look at because the warrenty is already voided. And what the battery life like? since it's a PS3 it properly an hour or so. I'll pass.

uie4rhig3889d ago

you sure its one hour? more like 2 minutes :P xD
but i want it.. but aint got the money for it :'( i would sell my 60GB PS3 a billion times just for this :(

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