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Ryse: Son of Rome looks to be one of the games Microsoft hopes is a system seller for the Xbox One. The impressive visuals provided by developer Crytek definitely will catch people’s eyes, but can the actual game draw in players with its ancient Roman setting?

Combat itself was better than expected, Ryse plays a bit like a modern brawler. While combat isn’t as fast for fluid as say, God of War, it is satisfying. Using both a sword and shield you can perform light, heavy, and special attacks. Timing blocks with the shield allow you to parry and weakened enemies can be finished to the delight of the crowd.

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Daz1661d ago

They still need to fix a couple of things but its looks great.

JokesOnYou1661d ago

Yeah it looks amazing even in this youtube quality vid but still needs some touch up work/bugs/clipping.

aceitman1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

that clanking noise annoys the hell out of me I would not play this from that noise alone , and it happens so much from him running ,walking and fighting , I understand its supposed to be the armor but dam I haven't seen armor make that much noise ever. and I don't care if it was multi platform its annoying .

OpieWinston1661d ago

You might find it annoying, but you gotta admit for metal clanking around, it's some amazing sound FX.

And yeah that's how it would've sounded, not saying I'm an expert but common sense tells ya that when you've got metal like that hanging and bouncing back and fourth.

kratos_TheGoat1661d ago (Edited 1661d ago )

the fightin look stale for some reason i was really more impress with xbox 1 controller then ryse

Goku7811661d ago

Not to hate hate hate but nothing about this game impresses me more than God of war or Heavenly Sword. It's pretty but not as pretty as they said it was going to be so they kept back tracking and that to me is lying, which I don't like.

kratos_TheGoat1661d ago

god of war is best selling h&s of all time. all god of war series won game of the year. has epic story and graphic ryse is not fuckin with kratos lol

kratos_TheGoat1661d ago

heavenly sword is underrated which i love everything about the game hope sony make heavenly sword 2

Grave1661d ago

Heavenly Sword was incredible!

IC3_DEMON1661d ago

Slow-mo every 5 secs? If they think we're impressionable monkeys, than yeah, I could see why they put that in.

Honestly game looks kinda boring.

mdluffy1661d ago

Why does every game add slow-motion?
killzone:sf got slow-mo too, but I still love killzone.

iistuii1661d ago

its looking pretty good from when i first viewed it at E3. The combat seems a lot like Batman/Sleeping dogs the way it moves from one attacker to another. But from a video it looks nice too, wanna see it in the flesh mind..

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The story is too old to be commented.