Ryse: Son of Rome Old vs New Build Comparison Gif Show Improvement in Cloth and Splash Water Physics

Gamepur: Crytek's upcoming Xbox One exclusive game Ryse: Son of Rome is getting bigger and better with each passing days. We just came our hands on two GIFs related to the game showcasing massive improvements in graphics/visuals department betweet old and new build.

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TomShoe1695d ago

Splash Physics? Next thing you know, they'll have AI for the fish that swim around your feet.

Ba Dum Tish

eezo1695d ago

no matter what improvement Crytek makes to this game, playstation fan base will never ever appreciate it..........

WeAreLegion1695d ago

If it's a good game, I'm sure all real gamers will enjoy it.

Godmars2901695d ago

How about you just worry about if you can appreciate it? That if its honestly good you can enjoy it, or admit that it has problems if it has problems.

byeGollum1695d ago

@eezo, you mean internet trolls. I'm a playstation fan, and I appreciate Cryteks effort with Ryse.

Bigpappy1694d ago

It is not just this game, even Forza gets attacked by the insecure. But you an choose to react to them or take it as the more hate the game receives, that is more evidence, that they are very impressed by what they see.

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THC CELL1695d ago (Edited 1695d ago )

Ok splash physics hmm looks poor, even halo, skyrim, uncharted splash physics look. Better... Going to be respectable now the game not final build.

Yep1695d ago

Those aren't physics, those are animations that play out whenever certain movements are made... and that's not new to gaming either.

Still looks nice nonetheless.

CrossingEden1691d ago

-Those are physics, water has dynamic physics. Cloth physics also are physics regardless of the animation.
-No one said that it was new to gaming.

Yep1691d ago

So you're basically saying what I said, but instead in a defensive manner.

BobBelcher1695d ago

The first Gif's ripples look good, but there should be splashing as well.

The second Gif's ripples are absent all together, but atleast there's splash effects.

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