Microsoft Reassures Your Games, Your Time, Your Call With Xbox One

Microsoft is on a non-stop advertising rampage. Their latest ad highlights their cool DRM-free features. ”If you like to play your way, this one’s for you”.

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Chupa-Chupa1567d ago

It's crunch time for both Sony and Microsoft. It's pretty damn exciting -- we are only one month away.

amiga-man1567d ago

M$ reasures your time, your call with Xbox one, but only because you wouldn't let us get away with our anti consumer policies.

TomShoe1566d ago

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you blasted gamers!"

madpuppy1566d ago

"And I would have gotten away with it too, if it weren't for you blasted gamers!"

That's NOT BILL Gates!!! (rips off mask) It's Old Man Jenkins!!!!

Mike134nl1566d ago

For the people clicking on the story the site triggers a trojan horse warning.

dj3boud1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

what should be a characteristic by default (our freedom to play our games we baught in our own time).. to microsoft is considered a feature they provide and market for? thanks microsoft for showning us how low a corporatation can go.

Gekko361566d ago

@dj3boud Not a chance, you want low, I'll give you low.

Nestle, is a global corporation and during the nineties and part of the Naughties the used to give away (for free) powdered milk to african women saying it's better for their babies. Once the mothers natural breast milk dried up, Nestle would start chaging the mothers for the milk knowing that they'd be stuck with it until the baby came off milk altogether.

See?... Do you actually see?... Microsoft are not evil, they are a business.

If figured you needed a little perspective...

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Sitdown1567d ago

And just like that, the campaign is in full effect to make sure no one knows of their dirty little secret.

Kingthrash3601567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

all bs aside.....we as a whole, the gaming community everyone from true gamers to fanboys on both sides...SHOULD NEVER FORGET WHAT THEY TRIED TO DO. yeah they didnt follow thru with it but dont think it was our voices online that did it, it was our wallets. gamers flocked to ps4 and preorderd mega tons of them while ms got their console pulled from gamestop shelves. their intentions were to destroy console gaming and its freedoms we enjoy for a quick buck. never forget to talk with your wallets more than your keyboard and things will you our not choosing sides or saying not to pick up a x1. im saying from gamer to gamer dont forget their intentions, dont foget the "deal with it" the "if you dont like it get a 360" or the " check in every 24 hr". they will fu#k you in the a$$ if you let them so watch them and make them earn back that trust they public service is over.

amiga-man1567d ago

Well said Kingthrash well said.

DOMination-1567d ago

You're right, we should never forget that they tried to innovate the industry and move it forward but because some girls on the internet cried about (ironically) having to be on the internet.

That's cool though. I'll just have to keep on paying extortionate prices for my games without any ability to share with ten friends just because it wasn't convenient for some people. No really, thats fine not too selfish or anything, but I'm willing to overlook it because Lord Sony said some bad things in an otherwise crappy e3 conference.

amiga-man1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

DOMination I thought about arguing with you but after reading through the drivel you posted there seems little point, you ignorance is precisely what M$ was hoping for, luckily most gamers arn't that gullible

buynit1567d ago

Voices... Wallets...i don't care what it was that made ms change what we didn't like all i care about is that they did change and well before the damn thing released..

Just cause you buy the console doesn't mean that ms or sony won, this is a long war that needs to sell a lot of games and keep you locked in to their service in order to survive and make money.

QuickdrawMcgraw1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

So a fanboy cannot be a true gamer?

shadyiswin1567d ago

whenever i see people complain about the DRM that microsoft had in place it makes me think they are just a tab bit slow especially angry joe or whatever his name is.

The drm in place was not only for microsoft to make a quick buck,it was more importantly for the developers of the games to finally start making money off games sold. Once again almost once a week i am reading about layoffs and how games are costing more and more to make.

You guys have a problem with microsoft trying to give back to the game community but you have no problem with gamestop ass raping you for store credit,giving you $20 cash and turing around and selling it for 54.99,on top of that no one sees money on the resale but them,oh thats great consumer practice isnt it?

I want to own my gams blah blah blah so buy your games,keep the is the problem? lol oh i cant let my friend borrow my game,so then add him in your 1 of 10 friends and share or you like. No idea how people did not get it,microsoft themselves are probably baffled how dumb th gaming community is/was,eventually you would see new release games for $49.99 and steam like sales once the community got it and became rich with all the residual income developers made, hopefully they bring it back fo all digital titles only cause as it stands,i cant do shit with my digital titles but play them,i am a grown man,i dont lend games to friends,my friends have jobs,my friends by games they want not freeload off of me. Making gamestop pay a fee to resell the game would of only made them more desperate and in return they would have to compete for there jobs by making good reasons to get us in the store,but now its all fucked and we can enjoy another 6-7 years of traditional gaming why steam pioneers in this field alone.

buynit1567d ago


No You Can't.... Not with the level of hate you guys have Anyway!

A true gamer at the least would want all the consoles, its one thing if you can't afford it its completely different when you just hate it and can't get over some dumb shit..

DigitalRaptor1567d ago (Edited 1567d ago )

@ DOMination-

You are the exact gullible fanboy/demographic Microsoft were hoping would blindly latch on to their anti-consumer schemes they were going for this coming generation, not that they haven't been going for that already this gen.

Prices will be competitive this gen, especially with a Steambox on the market, and Sony are pricing their games from less than $1 to $60, regardless of your naive belief that Microsoft would have been generous with their pricing.

If you actually believed the "10 friend sharing", then there's the expected naivety again - keep dreaming. If publishers made Sony reduce their 5-account game sharing to 2 people, what makes you think they would be all up for letting 9 people get a game for free?

What else were Microsoft spearheading that sounded convincing to you, cause a lot of it seems possible without anti-consumer measures in place, and many of these things, the competition is also doing without needing to put those measures in place.

@ buynit

A true gamer stands up against anti-consumer corporations looking to control and manipulate their consumers. Not wanting to support a company like this makes me no less of a gamer, since I game on pretty much every platform i can, that aren't supported by anti-consumer corporations wishing to fulfil their fantasies at some point in the future

@ shadyiswin

Ah, another gullible. Why then, haven't all the developers come out the woodwork all outraged, posting in their blogs and getting people to see "the error of their ways"? Try reading this, and realise that bloated AAA budgets are part of a multi-faceted problem, not consumers not wanted to be f'ed in the a.

DOMination-1567d ago

^ at least one person here understands it. Am glad somebody can be more polite and less rude than myself so fair play.

On N4G the rules are:

Steam = amazing, even though it's basically what MS wanted to do with XB1

XB1 = terrible because it's just cool right now to hate everything MS do.

Look, I get it, if you don't have internet and live in a place that can't get it, that sucks. But the people who were arguing were arguing ON THE INTERNET. There's no doubt that in the longterm, the original plans could have worked out for (most) gamers in a great way. We would have enjoyed cheaper games on X1 because developers would be treated fairly (confirmed by an Xbox Engineer) and then eventually Steam-like sales.

But Noooooo, everybody is scared of change. It's like when Facebook change their layout, you hear nothing but moaning for three weeks and then people get used to it and get on with their lives. It's like with iOS7, I couldn't get away from the moaning but now people have stopped and they too are dealing with it. If anything, MS should have had the balls to not cave in. People would have eventually embraced the future. Now we're stuck in the past for at least another 6-7 years. I can't share my games digitally with ten people on my friends list. I have to look forward to more expensive games rather than the other way around. But that's cool, you carry on, NOT evolving whilst people like me have to live with the consequences.

hazardman1567d ago

Wow! I didnt know X1 was out already that gamestop had to pull it off the shelves. Also I can tell you most gamestop were sold out of X1 preorders in a short time even with all the drm crap.

Some gamers didnt care about drm and some like us did! Im glad MS did 180 on alot of the features and I hope gamers support it! As for me PS4 day one, and Xbox One in Spring hopefully Titanfall releases by then!!

buynit1567d ago


And everyone did including my Self! I did not reserve xb1 until they changed the 24hr drm that was the only thing that really botherd me.

So what am i supposed to do hate ms forever Now?! I do hope that some of the stuff comes back not all of it was as bad as you kids make it out to be.

I give up on you ppl im done im no longer talking about this shit, you want to walk around with the anti ms pitch fork for the next decade then go ahead ill just sit back and enjoy all great things from Sony ms and nintendo..

You guys keep talking about "remember the drm" while i remember the great games that will come..

DragonKnight1567d ago

Why forget about something that's going to be brought back anyway?

@DOMination- First comment: You call used game restrictions and control and forced network connections innovation and progression? Are you insane? Nothing they were doing was innovative for the game industry. It was innovative for their greed and money grubbing. The DRM schemes they had in place were not necessary to have a sharing plan, Sony already had that with the PS3, which is another reason why MS' wasn't innovation just evolution of what already existed with an added "F*** YOU" to gamers everywhere.

Do you really think that an ecosystem in which Microsoft has FULL control would result in the reduction of prices for games? There are already countless digital games that can be bought on Xbox Live right now that are older and still full price. Why? Because they have no reason to lower the prices in an area they have absolute control and no competition. They also need to keep prices in line with retail partners and a 100% digital solution is a LONG way away from being a reality. I can't believe how naive and destructive some people who call themselves gamers are and think respectively.

@shadyiswin: Another ridiculous comment. Do you honestly think that developers make no money at all? The used games argument is a myth. EVERY SINGLE USED GAME WAS AT ONE POINT A NEW GAME! Do you know what that means? That means they made money off the game. You're arguing for developers to make repeated "sales" off of ONE copy and that doesn't happen in ANY OTHER INDUSTRY so why should it be ok for the gaming industry? And before you bring up the B.S. argument about "limited revenue sources" think of DLC, think of collectors editions, think of merchandising.

Microsoft weren't giving back sh*t to the gaming community. They were the ones that were going to profit the most from this, they were the ones in complete control. If MS wants to give back, then they can remove their certification fees, their extra disc fees and all the other B.S. fees that make doing business with them far more expensive than it needs to be. You're another naive one if you thought MS' program = Steam. It was in no way similar at all and never would have been.

@DOMination- 2: No one is scared of change. The very fact that there are new consoles is proof of that. If you want your wallet to be continuously violated by Microsoft, just send them another monthly check in addition to the Xbox Live payment you're going to send and write "voluntary wallet raping fee" in the memo. People like you are going to be the destruction of gaming.

johndoe112111566d ago


That is one of the most sensible comments I have ever read. All those points you used are the same points I have been arguing in other forums for months now and I'll tell you something, to get a microsoft fanatic to actually see the logic in those points is like trying to freeze water by boiling it.

I don't know why but it seems like the more you try to show them the logic in these arguments is the more they blind themselves from it. It's as if they feel that you are attacking them directly or something and they need to justify their illogical thinking by any means necessary.

What microsoft was going to do would have devastated the gaming industry and the few benefits could be achieved without all the anti consumer policies.

what is to stop you now from purchasing a digital copy of watchdogs on your xbox one and share it with 10 friends? Absolutely nothing that's what. Microsoft took it away because they were butt hurt we didn't accept everything else.

Something is wrong with anyone who cannot see what microsoft was trying to do. People like that are beyond reasoning with and I wouldn't advise you to even try.

Christopher1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

***The drm in place was not only for microsoft to make a quick buck,it was more importantly for the developers of the games to finally start making money off games sold. Once again almost once a week i am reading about layoffs and how games are costing more and more to make.***

Just so you realize, an example of what happens when developers start making money off of their game: Call of Duty annual release without much change and no innovation.

I'm not saying that giving more developers is not the right thing, but you seem to think developers are in charge of pricing or will get most of that money. They won't. Publishers will get the majority of that money and determine the pricing of games.

nukeitall1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )


"Just so you realize, an example of what happens when developers start making money off of their game: Call of Duty annual release without much change and no innovation."

Yes, but how many others are trying to innovate in that space to compete with CoD?

That is aside from the fact that people want CoD.

Nobody is really interrested in entering in high risk and low reward business.

I don't see how putting more money in developers, the ones creating the games is a bad thing as long as it is balanced?

Just look at the arcade game business, no profit, no arcades anymore!

"They won't. Publishers will get the majority of that money and determine the pricing of games"

Still more money to developers if new copies are bought.

The good news, complete self publishing is coming to Xbox One, which will completely cut out the publisher. If it follows the same model as XNA/indie games, it will be a boon for self publishers and digital would have served the developers the best!

DaGR8JIBRALTAR1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )


Now that's some v for vendetta shit...I can dig it!

QuickdrawMcgraw1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

buynit last gen when N4G was overrun with Xbox fan boys running down anything Sony.I bought into what gamers like you were selling.And got myself a 360,with promises of great exclusives I was really looking forward to some great gaming.So I used my PS3 as my main console.And on my 360 I played Mass Effect 2,loved it.Then there was Allan Wake,loved it.After that nothing and I mean nothing,at least for my taste in games.Not being fooled this gen by MS or it's hacks.I am waiting at least 5yrs in to see just how MS supports it console.So please save your lectures on what makes a gamer.You have no idea who has owned what consoles or what kind of experiences other gamers here on N4Xbox have.

JokesOnYou1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

shadyiswin I tried to explain its not all bad but its sort of like talking about "Obamacare", its taboo because the subject easily scares the mass public due to misinformation.....not that I'm for or against The Afordable Care Act=Obamacare but a lot of folks don't even know its the same thing and more importantly they don't know or understand whats good about it or whats wrong with it. I mean seriously I've seen various news coverage where they asked people basic questions like "How will this affect you?" Some of them go on ranting about it will ruin their healthcare and they don't want the govt to choose their doctor etc only to find out that in their particular situation they aren't affected by this new health care policy.

lol, again just scream "drm" and the avg joe goes "Oh NO my rights!" just before gamestop takes advantage of them with BS store credit for a month old game, and devs react with more DLC crap tactics in order to gain more profits from lost sales.

Even worst a lot of folks just go off "I heard...." and they form stubborn opinions without all the facts.

drsfinest721566d ago

You just sumerized stuff we all knew about already..

SilentNegotiator1566d ago

"DOMination- voted to well said by the community
Agree(18) | Disagree(52)"


What ever happened to the community controlling community features? When someone used to troll, they got voted to trolling, not well said.

DOMination-1566d ago

This is why the n4g community is poison and the bubbles system doesn't work. A different opinion to you does not equal trolling.

SilentNegotiator1566d ago (Edited 1566d ago )

"because some girls on the internet cried about (ironically) having to be on the internet"
"Lord Sony"

Nope, definitely trolling.

And obviously it isn't poison to you, either having multiaccounts or a mod-friend to constantly vote up your highly unpopular comments.

nukeitall1566d ago


"Nope, definitely trolling.

And obviously it isn't poison to you, either having multiaccounts or a mod-friend to constantly vote up your highly unpopular comments."

I expected as much from you. Of course, you hate MS so everything pro MS even the slightest is "trolling".

Reality is that, that is not trolling! It is sharing a well thought out opinion which provides more information than your wasted comment.

Clearly some people has too many bubbles.

Christopher1565d ago

***Still more money to developers if new copies are bought.***

Actually, not in most cases. Most cases, developers meet a goal and they get a set amount and that's it (other than key management). Even then, that money tends to go to upper management and is not spread throughout the development team.

The only consideration may be if a game does well, future investment money in the next game of the series (or even possible new IP if a celebrated team) will come easier and potentially with more. But, that's all investment money that has to be paid back.

SilentNegotiator1565d ago


You thought that I was 'spreading FUD against Xbox One' when I said that it could be the game that was causing bad input latency and not the system when BF4 was reported to have some issues.

You're no one to judge, you overcompensating fanatic, you.

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reaper241567d ago ShowReplies(1)
stuna11567d ago

I'm sure both have secrets! It's just that Microsoft keeps letting theirs come tumbling out of the bone closet.

GTgamer1567d ago

SMFH they make it look like they came out the gate with these ideas and basically saying what Sony already said about the PS4 nice try MS who are you trying to fool.

AceBlazer131567d ago

they sure as hell reassured my decision to get a ps4