Gardevoir's Mega Evolution Revealed

8CN: Earlier today an image of a Mega Evolution for Gardevoir was released. Compared to many of the other Mega Evolutions it's significantly less spiky and flashy, but Gardevoir fans will probably be happy.

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TekoIie1693d ago (Edited 1693d ago )

Hurrah for Gardevoir! Hope it gets a good upgrade with the Megalution :)

ironfist921693d ago

I dont understand this Mega Evolution business. Since when did Pokemon start copying Digimon?

lizard812881692d ago

And Digimon copied pokemon, so that means....pokemon is copying pokemon...

GeckoPutt1692d ago

Idiot was successful at being an idiot.

maddfoxx1692d ago

Gardevoir is so awesome. I have a lvl 100 in one of my old teams. So now she is fairy and has a mega evolution!