New TitanFall Footage Unveiled During EB Games Expo 2013

During EB Expo 2013, Respawn Community Manager, Abbie Heppe, presented some new gameplay footage of TitanFall.

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jhoward5851449d ago

Don't waste your time. Its the same Demo we've already seen before.

Blastoise1449d ago

I really wanna play this game, I don't even care about the robots. I just wanna hop around for a bit

Bluepowerzz1449d ago ShowReplies(4)
CanadianTurtle1449d ago

This is such an outstanding looking game. It would truly be a shame if this stayed exclusive. Innovative games like this deserve to be played on every platform by everyone.

A lot of people are speculating that this will be a timed exclusive, but the only truth is that no one really knows for sure that this will come to the PS4.

I'm probably going to get the 360 version since I won't have the time to be a part of next gen gaming (due to heavy study load from college).

aceitman1449d ago

this pic is the one that let the cat out the bag,
they can not say it will be coming to a sony platform that is part of the exclusive deal.

Sitdown1449d ago

A 3rd party developer with developer units for more than one company..... great detective work. It's not logically possible they could bring another game to the ps4 or have it for other reasons given how long the console cycle will last.

aceitman1449d ago

@ sitdown yes a third party dev that just started out, mind u a small dev company that is making one game they don't have the man power to make multi games . u have said ur comment and u can say it five ways from sunday and still think its not a time exclusive , just like bioshock and mass effect . here look I did some investigating and look what I found .
so do what ur name is and sitdown like this

mhunterjr1449d ago

Why wouldn't they have other consoles at their offices... I don't know either way, but if this is your 'evidence' it wouldn't stand in court.

Sitdown1449d ago

And you can say your thoughts 10 ways to Monday.... but still you have no proof, just speculation. Which game on your list was created by the small team that made Titanfall? AKA Your list is pointless as there are exclusive game that did not make it to the ps3 as well, and this company could very well decide to not go that route at your list.

Anzil1449d ago

have no proof but i believe ur dumb if you think respawn weren't making it for ps4 then M$ came and knocked!!!

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Lboogieskells1449d ago

This game is too big to be an exclusive.

Coming to PS4 2015.

Khajiit861449d ago

Its not an exclusive. You could get it for pc next year.

Lboogieskells1449d ago (Edited 1449d ago )

Respawn hasn't denied the possibity, also factor in the fact EA loves a cash cow. It's safe to assume this game will see PS4 version.

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The story is too old to be commented.