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"In the latest release of Splinter Cell, you once again don the roll of Sam Fisher, super spy extraordinaire. You take on the nefarious masterminds known as “The Engineers”, who are hell bent on making The Murica’ withdraw from the world." - Salvador Madrigal of Str N Gaming

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starchild1688d ago

Nah, it easily deserves at least a 9. The best stealth game I have ever played and simply one of the best games in general I have played all year.

slavezero11687d ago

explain why you would give it a 7 i gave it a 9 and not a 10 because you can break the game early on and get the best gear and armor from the side missions and playing it on perfectionist makes it challenging if thats what your basing the game on

myrddincrow1687d ago

Just looking at the screenshots, I am impressed with the graphics.

brianace1687d ago

Looks alright to me. Not $60 alright, but maybe I'll pick it up when it hits 20-30 bucks.

slavezero11687d ago

i agree this should have been about 40 bucks it was kinda short. think going forward they should price games based on the length of time alot of companies would go broke lol