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DICE Producer on Battlefield 4 eSports : “We’re Going To Make [Battlefield 4] a Sport”

MP1st - Battlefield 4 Producer Daniel “zh1nt0″ Matros explains how the studio behind Battlefield 4 plans to make the game a ‘sport’ and allow competitive gamers to take advantage of the game’s more eSports-friendly features. (Battlefield 4, PC, PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, Xbox One)

PsylentKiller  +   855d ago
There is no way they are going to make this game a sport with 5 vs 5. CoD can do small teams. Battlefields identity is with large teams. They seem like they want it to be faced paced with a few players like a basketball game. They need to make it more like a soccer game. More players and more strategic. Make it 12 vs 12. 5 vs 5? How are you going to utilize vehicles? CoD has the small maps competitions covered Battlefield, as much as I love their games, can't compete.
AlexanderNevermind  +   855d ago
I actually would love to see teams on 32 where the whole team actually knows what it is doing. I tend to agree that it would be hard to pull off.
Pandamobile  +   855d ago
Lots of TF2 comp play is 9 vs 9. 12 vs 12 can't be that hard to manage.
elhebbo16  +   855d ago
the new difuse mode is SPECIFICALLY built for 5 vs 5 battles (coincidentally the size of a squad in BF4). you also have squad rush and squad deathmatch. please dont come to me with that BS about BF not providing small concentrated competition.
DeadlyFire  +   854d ago
You have to start small buddy. Sure Battlefield is known for its wide array of massive battlefields. They have to get their foot in the door before they can say okay lets goto battle with 64 players right now. Its hard to just find 64 people for a team. Building small teams is ideal to start it up. Right now for FPS games 5v5 is pretty much the standard for Esports competitive play. In the future as it grows and more demand for bigger battles we could see EA cater to expanding towards that.
PsylentKiller  +   854d ago
I know you have to start small but 5 v 5 seems too small for Battlefield. And with squad rush and squad death match. There is more than two squads. that I'm thinking more about it, multiple teams playing against each other would make for pretty interesting commentary.
I didn't say BF can't provide small concentrated competition. I said it's not who they are. The scope of there games on the multiplayer side has been large battles on large maps with multiple vehicles. It would seem like they are trying to be something they're not. But we'll find out once more details get released. I do hope it becomes an export but I really don't want it to follow in the direction of CoD with annual releases. I just think the excited comes for the unpredictability and that comes from the use of vehicles. They need to have vehicles in their competitions.
Soldierone  +   855d ago
Battlefield was actually pretty big in this field during 2142. After that, COD pretty much pushed it out.
M-M  +   855d ago
Video games as a sport lol.
BeathuberCH   855d ago | Spam
ThanatosDMC  +   855d ago
League of Legends is a sport.
elhebbo16  +   855d ago
a mental sport like chess, not a physical sport.
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dcj0524  +   855d ago
Squad Rush and Obliteration are easy e-sports gamemodes. The thing with conquest is can we really get 64 professionals working together?
BobBelcher  +   854d ago
funny on different levels.
DeadlyFire  +   854d ago
Its possible I believe. I think it would be best for conquest to have 16v16 for competitive play as a start or test run. I can't imagine how I would feel playing with 64 pros. Hard to run out in the open anywhere if so.
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dcj0524  +   854d ago
Siege of shanghai would become a instant death fest. High Buildings + pro snipers= Very bad
DeadlyFire  +   853d ago
Indeed. How many capture points? 6 with all those extra buildings compared to PS3/X360 versions. A true rain of death. haha 64 players already offers you a battlefield experience worth noting. Someone should be in your view about all the time in the game. Pro would = a ghost town with structured rushes and movement.

Planetside 2 does offer an experience like this in its gameplay when you get good groups together.
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MethCupcakes  +   854d ago
Man, after playing the BF4 Beta.. I literally called up my GameStop and asked to cancel my preorder.
BF has/is basically become COD. Same COD controls/ atrocious visuals/ crappy spawn system/cluttered Ui and now they’re trying to compete in e-sports. I left stopped playing COD, but now it seems like they’re trying to alienate their main fan base with this crap. I guess I’ll be playing BF3 for two more years. Lol, BF3’s tint was BLUE.. BF4’s tint is BROWN..

BTW, that falling building we keep seeing in videos is only cool in the video.. its not cool/fun at all.
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