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DuckTales Remastered Review | ComboCaster

Many remakes have analyzed here in ComboCaster were not exactly welcomed, simply because they are mostly games that no longer work, because there was no effort made to modernize the concept. DuckTales suffer exactly the same problem, however this may not be really bad, much depends on what you seek as players. DuckTales The original is universally acknowledged as an excellent game and the perfect example of how to use a good leave to make a good game, at least at the time of NES. It is a platform game with great gameplay, fantastic music, and a cast of characters that we all know the Disney series. At present the problem is that it is larger. DuckTales is an old series that only part of the players and remember these are now about thirty years. (DuckTales Remastered, Wii U) 6.5/10

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