Upper Deck Announces Call of Duty Real-Time Card Game

Upper Deck today announced the development of a real-time card game based on the popular shooter franchise.

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riddlesticks3202d ago

is this for real... something tells me this will be quite bad...

Frnicatr3202d ago

Agreed. Cards? Why? Pokemon style?

Chuck Norris3202d ago

They should incorporate it with the PS-Eye ala Eye of Judgement.

Bnet3433202d ago

I summon American Soldier in attack mode! HIYO!!!!!!! >_<

kosha3202d ago (Edited 3202d ago )

Whoever has the helicopter card will win or maybe the airstrike card. I think ill just stick to the game

mistertwoturbo3202d ago


Is this some type of weird attempt at trying to gain a casual market again?

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