Call of Duty: Ghosts - Extinction - Alien Survival Mode

DriftOr was digging around and found some information about a new mode in Call of Duty: Ghosts called Extinction. After continuing to dig, it appears to be an Alien survival / escape mode similar to Nazi Zombies.

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CarlosX360999d ago

If this is true, I'm sold. I'm getting a Predator vibe from those images. Yes, those images remind me of friggin' Predator!


GentlemenRUs999d ago (Edited 999d ago )


First it was Zombies and now Aliens?...

Looks like Aliens will be the NEW overused content!

Yet again Activision... I'm not falling for your tricks ;)


Dropdeadll999d ago

It it had aliens, I would actually buy this and the season pass. Love aliens :p.

FantasyStar999d ago

If you're on PC: there's a game made by CI Games(same folks who made Sniper Ghost Warrior) called Alien Rage Unlimited that is very fast-paced and arcady just like what this game is doing now and it's already out. Try out the demo.


SilentNegotiator998d ago

Both Sniper Ghost Warrior and Alien Rage suck.

Are you working for CI games or something?

OrangePowerz999d ago

Whats wrong with Aliens? Zombies have been done to death so I wouldn't mind a change if they really have Aliens.

SilentNegotiator999d ago

What's wrong is that it's COD, and BF fanboys and COD haters always have to make up problems even if its them exchanging a mode that people didn't like for something new and interesting.

GiggMan999d ago

People love to hate Call of Duty and then secretly buy it. This does sound kind of cool.

Aliens could be fun but it seems like they are missing out on a prime opportunity to use ghost though lol. Proton packs, P.K.E meters, traps and containment units :-)

Heisenburger999d ago

Phantom disagrees when discussing Ghosts and aliens?


The truth is out there.

H0TSHELLZ999d ago

lmao X-Files

If Mulder and Scully are playable characters ill buy two just because.

DrRobotnik999d ago

Wish it was dinosaurs, but I'll settle for aliens too.

ShadowL9999d ago

If Battlefield had that rumored dinosaur mode, I would have preordered it months ago.

CarlosX360999d ago

Go hate on something else. Geez.

If a company wants to create new, and fresh content - which is what WE want - something new to fight against... Only to have trolls like you come out of the woodwork just to hate on an idea.

BobBelcher999d ago

Not a CoD fanboy, I just hate trolls.

PsylentKiller999d ago

Great idea! After CoD plays out the aliens mode they should move on to trolls. Or maybe Infinity Ward could do aliens and Treyarch could do trolls.

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PsylentKiller999d ago

The "Escape using a relic" achievement symbol looks like crop circles. It's definitely gotta be "Aliens"

Whore_Mouth999d ago

I agree, and the "3" in the middle is the same as the "3" in the title of "Modern Warfare 3". I guessing it might have something to do with a previous title.

isa_scout999d ago

Beat me to Should've read your comment before posting below.

kratos_TheGoat999d ago

damm now i really want cod ghost just to get some headshot against aliens fun fun fun

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