Valve releases 'Meet the Scout'

Valve have released Meet the Scout, the newest installment in their series of character videos for Team Fortress 2.

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solar3867d ago

haha! i love those vids.

its not on the steam browser list of vids yet however.

cant wait for the pyro video!!

solar3867d ago

side note:

i absolutely hate playing against a great scout. not only are they the fastest class....they have the best shotty in the game. i hate having full health and being one shotted as a pyro or demo. argh.

battery3867d ago

nothing better than hitting a scout right between the eyes as a sniper though.

solar3867d ago

hehe. nothing better than fireaxing a sniper :D

battery3867d ago

don't get me started on rampaging pyros !

solar3866d ago

lol! my fav class as you can see from my avatar :D

TheIneffableBob3867d ago

The video is now up on Steam, and in FIVE different languages! I bet that's why it took so long to make.


devilhunterx3866d ago

sadly the only thing good about this game are the videos. didnt know that scout was a wigger.