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Pach-Attack - Why is Sony Letting Xbox Use Blu-Ray?

Michael Pachter explains why Sony is helping its enemy. (Culture, PS4, Xbox One)

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pedrof93  +   437d ago
Well sony is making money out of Xbox One.
My_Outer_Heaven  +   437d ago
Not much though... Sony were smart to back Blu-ray when they made PS3... they hit the nail on the head just like they did with DVD on PS2.
Software_Lover  +   437d ago
If HD-DVD was in the ps3 that would've won. The ps3 was the catalyst for the format war.
black0o  +   437d ago
and CD on PSone
Eonjay  +   437d ago
Two things:
1. It allows them to make money.
2. It allows them to establish Blu Ray as the Standard.
DOMination-  +   437d ago
Sony are not in charge of bluray
miyamoto  +   437d ago | Well said
I remember the days when Xbox fans really "HATED!" Blu-ray & and said mega tons of negative crap about it all over the internet .

And now they are eating them by the truck loads.
How does it taste?

Hah hah hah! LoL!

@My Outer

Sony did not just back Blu-Ray...Sony lead in creating it with Philips while the other founding members funded the project.

Sony does hold key patents on blu-ray.

Now who backed them up?
The current 18 board members (as of June 2013) are:[4]
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
DTS Inc.
Hitachi, Ltd.
Intel Corporation
LG Electronics
Mitsubishi Electric
Oracle Corporation
Panasonic Corporation
Pioneer Corporation
Royal Philips Electronics
Samsung Electronics
Sharp Corporation
Sony Corporation
TDK Corporation
20th Century Fox
Walt Disney Motion Pictures Group
Warner Bros. Entertainment

The contributors as of June 2009 are:[4]
Acer Inc.
Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)
Almedio Inc.
AudioDev AB
BluFocus Inc.
Broadcom Corporation
Canon Inc.
CESI Technology Co. Ltd.
China Hualu group Co., Ltd.
CMC Magnetics Corporation
Corel Corporation
Cryptography Research Inc.
DCA Inc.
Deluxe Digital Studios, Inc.
Dolby Laboratories Inc.
Dreamer Co., Ltd.
DTS, Inc.
Eclipse Data Technologies
Fraunhofer IIS
Fujitsu Ltd.
Funai Electric Co., Ltd.
Gibson Guitar Corporation
Industrial Technology Research Institute
Lionsgate Entertainment
Lite-On IT Corporation
Macrovision Corp.
Marvell International Ltd.
MediaTek Inc
Meridian Audio, Ltd.
Mitsubishi Kagaku Media Co.Ltd.
Monster Cable Products
Moser Baer India Limited
NEC Electronics Corporation
Nero AG
nVidia Corporation
Osmosys SA
Paramount Pictures Corporation
Pulstec Industrial Co., Ltd.
Sensio Technologies Inc.
ShibaSoku Co. Ltd.
Sigma Designs
Singulus Technologies
Sonic Solutions
ST Microelectronics
Taiyo Yuden Co., Ltd.,
Testronic Laboratories, Inc.
Universal Studios Home Entertainment
Victor Company of Japan, Ltd. (JVC)
Visionare Corporation
Warner Music Group
Zoran Corporation

M$ will be crazy to go against these guys.
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shoddy  +   437d ago
Bu bu but bluray is teh dooom.

digital download us teh future.
gamertk421  +   437d ago
HD-DVD was so much faster and the extras were always better. Funny enough, Sony's own Betamax was also a better format that lost out to an inferior competitor in the VHS.
fox2   437d ago | Spam
s8anicslayer  +   437d ago | Intelligent

If HD-DVD was actually in the 360 instead of an added on device then HD-DVD would have stood a better chance in the format war.
bligmerk  +   437d ago
Sony was the first to build a Blu-ray drive including that all important read head. Sony has all the basic patents for all the optics and blue spectrum lasers plus being a handful of manufacturers that can manufacture components at that level. The Blu-ray format is owned by a consortium and they all get a few per cents from each sale, Sony is one of the major receivers there also.
hazardman  +   437d ago

If it was included on xbox 360 we still could be having a format war!
badboy776  +   437d ago
For The Love Of Money
Docknoss  +   437d ago
Sony computers use windows
SilentNegotiator  +   437d ago
Sony doesn't have a big enough slice of the pie to make decisions on who gets to use Blu-ray or not.
amiga-man  +   437d ago

The money that is made in royalties is huge, Blu ray becoming the standard is a financial goldmine for Sony.

The Blu ray license dosn't just cover the drive, every disk sold also makes money for Sony, thats a lot of disks and a lot of money.
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insomnium2  +   437d ago
Who the hell disagrees with Software lover?

There were tonnes of news covering this back then. After PS3 hit the market the sales for BD exploded. PS3/Sony single handedly brought BD as the winner after it being beaten by HD-DVD. BD came to market a little later and it wouldn't have even taken off without PS3. This is common knowledge people so I have no idea why so many disagree with software lover.

Yes if PS3 would've had a HD-DVD drive that format would've won the format war hands down. I can't believe so many are willing to fight the windmills with this.
dmitrijs88  +   437d ago
every sony console introduced new media:
PS1 - CD (I know that sega had cd console before sony, but it was more of failure)
PS4 - Digital (I know PS3 also has digital, but it wasnt available from the start)
SniperControl  +   437d ago

Wrong, hd-dvd's were never better, sure they were easier to produce but a single layer disc could only hold 15gb of information while a single layer BD holds 25gb.
Kryptonite42O  +   437d ago
@ Software_Lover

I was under the impression, and i heard many years ago that the porn industry was the deciding factor in the format war???
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Hitman0769  +   437d ago
@fox2 did he forget.... or did he just leave them out on purpose....
insomnium2  +   437d ago
Yup. Porn won VHS the format war back in the day.
GameSpawn  +   437d ago
In regards to the question "Why would Sony let Microsoft use Blu-Ray?":
1) Microsoft has no choice. Not utilizing it at least for movies is suicide at this point as Blu-Ray has become the defacto standard for movie releases. DVD-only releases are pretty much non-existent.

2) Microsoft is free to license Blu-Ray technology, just like ANYONE else. So long as they pay the licensing, they are free to use it how they see fit.

3) Sony is not the sole owner of Blu-Ray technology. They are a major contributor yes, but many other companies have backed Blu-Ray with other technology of their own (eg. TDK's tough-coat tech) or financial resources (early investors in the BDA). The final word on who uses Blu-Ray is not up to Sony alone, but the Board of Directors of the BDA (which Sony happens to be one of the members of the Board).

4) This is a Win-Win for Sony no matter which way it goes, Blu-Ray or not in the Xbox. With Blu-Ray in the Xbox Sony gets money out of Microsoft indirectly through their share of the licensing received and with out Blu-Ray in the Xbox (which didn't happen for reasons 1-2-3) Sony would have yet another major advantage in the PS4 over the Xbox One.
dedicatedtogamers  +   437d ago | Well said
To answer the question: it's because Sony and Microsoft aren't nearly as hostile toward one another in actual business dealings. The whole "console warzz" animosity is 90% show for the hardcore fanboys to drool over.
shivvy24  +   437d ago
Haha so true
johnniejay  +   437d ago
Agreed they need and want the fanboy drama so they can make even more money
denawayne  +   437d ago
Agreed. What OS is running on every Sony laptop?
Jeedai Infidel  +   437d ago
Anybody remember Pepsi vs Coke in the eighties, it got pretty "heated" as well, and turned out to be a marketing scheme orchestrated by both companies. Genius really.
dennett316  +   437d ago
Agreed 100%. Microsoft, for example, are working with Sony so Skype can be available on the PS4....and MS are happy to do it, because they own the damn thing and stand to increase their profile.

All the tech companies work with each other in all areas of their business.
joe90  +   437d ago
And Microsoft are making money from the Skype app on most Sony products and Windows on Laptops. maybe a deal was made who knows.
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MethCupcakes  +   437d ago
But Skype is free.. LOL
Bluepowerzz  +   437d ago
you high ngr
bumnut  +   437d ago
Free products still make money, look at Facebook
stuna1  +   437d ago
Yes it's to make money of course! But there is so much more! For example, to speed up the adoption rate, therefore making it the defacto disc media.

Bigger games; which this generation many said were being held back because of the use of regular dvds on the 360.

Edit; To those who don't know, Sony is 1 of the founding members, and because of this their percentage is higher than others! Also not everyone involved took an active role into the construction of the Blu Ray format.

Edit; Actually a couple of the companies bought into the Blu Ray association! Also Microsoft was given that option, since Microsoft owns one of the codecs that went into the production of Blu Ray. It just that Microsoft opted out of joining, because they felt Blu Ray wasn't needed.
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Blaze929  +   437d ago
this is like asking why Microsoft lets Sony have Windows OS on their computers. Smh
badz149  +   437d ago
Not really the same. When was the last time you bought a MS branded pc or laptop? Likely NEVER, right? Sony don't pay Microsoft for every laptop sold. YOU who buy Sony laptop with Windows will be the one who pays the cost for the OS, not Sony.

Windows has always been a global OS used by everyone and it's kinda ironic that it's just recently that Microsoft made a hardware of their own that runs Windows which is the Surface.

Bluray is a different story altogether. MS could have gone Nintendo and use a derivative format and not exactly a Bluray but THAT would be foolish as it will disable Bluray movie playback.
DoctorJones  +   437d ago
If Sony sells a pc or laptop it needs an operating system badz149, regardless of whether Sony foots the bill or not MS still get paid.

Only a complete imbecile wouldn't get that point.
dennett316  +   437d ago
Yes badz, a global OS that Sony still have to pay MS to licence for their machines....for it to be pre-installed, Sony have to licence it. Also, the Microsoft Surface thing isn't ironic in any way.
shivvy24  +   437d ago
Lets not forget the x1 was made to be an entertainment device to take over your living room, it would have been a stupid move not to include bluray
Fred_C_Dobbs  +   437d ago
wrong reply
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gapecanpie  +   437d ago
People still buy movies on disk media??? I haven't in years since netflix, hulu and vudu has it all and not to mention it's right there on demand instead of having to go to the store, I guess people like the old ways of doing things.
Campy da Camper  +   437d ago
So you have never seen batman the dark knight or Thor on bluray? Wow. Streaming Netflix is what, 1080i if that?
rainslacker  +   437d ago
Yes quite a few actually. Good for you, your all digital. Go into any major store electronics store and see a section dedicated to Blu-ray and DVD players, and an even bigger section devoted to the media to play on them.

The old way works, and the quality of physical media puts all current media streaming services to shame.
Wintersun616  +   437d ago
The on demand services are piss poor outside of US. Also last I checked, hulu and vudu are still not working where I live.

Oh and yes, I like to buy stuff on discs to add to my collection.
TurboDatsunZ  +   437d ago
People do like to get out of their house lol While at walmart for groceries, home appliances etc you sometimes walk by the electronics department and can't help but look at what movies came out.
Fred_C_Dobbs  +   437d ago
the library of classic films available on bluray blows netflix out of the water. and most of these films have undergone new high tranfers
SniperControl  +   437d ago
A typical movie on a BD is about 18 to 25gb, that typically has the movie itself and a uncompressed DTS HD or True HD 5.1/7.1 soundtrack, plus you get the extra bonus content to boot.

A movie on a streaming service is about 7gb with a compressed DTS/Dolby Prologic 5.1 soundtrack.

Streaming services are not just there yet, thats why people still buy on discs.
dennett316  +   437d ago
Well done Gapecanpie, you watch movies in inferior quality with inferior sound...I consider that more backward than owning physical media.
You call it the old way, I call it the better way. If my internet happens to drop, my movie doesn't crap out when I'm watching the Blu Ray...the quality also doesn't suffer if someone else in the house decides to use up some bandwidth.
Finally, ever hear of online shopping? It's been around for years now.
otherZinc  +   437d ago
Not more than M$ is making on every SONY PC that comes with Windows! That M$ owns by itself.
dennett316  +   437d ago
Still trying to make it a competition huh? "But MS makes MORE money off Sony, so they're still better LOLZ!!" Sad.
LAYLOW  +   437d ago
Just like Microsoft has been making money of off Sony Vaio and windows intergration...nothing to see here folks!
dc1  +   437d ago
Please note that we (as consumers ) purchase the OS as part of the built in component of the computer. Every PC on the market has the same pricing model whether it's HP, IBM, Alien or Sony. Other OS are simply not as user intuitive or integrated into the social or business exchange vocabulary.

Microsoft's OS and Windows products are their bread and butter, representing the very large majority of their corporate earnings. This has been the case since the 80's.

In short, for the past 30 years, if you were an emerging PC production company, you would have no choice but to use the MS OS....unless you plan on being small market red/L dealer.
Jazz4108  +   437d ago
Ms is now a part of the bluray consortum so sony will make zero from ms. Look it up. The only people who believe sony owned and made bluray are fanboys.
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SniperControl  +   437d ago
No, Sony are one of the founding members of Blu-Ray, they hold a lot of the patents for it.
dc1  +   437d ago
It's fact that sony makes around $2.25 for every blu-ray drive sold.
Reported by business new outlets over the past few years as well as Patch Attack more recently (I know I spelled his name wrong) Attack.

Look it up. It's google knowledge.
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Jazz4108  +   437d ago
If anythig sony migt have to pay ms for the codecs used in it but as far A S a piece of the disc that will goto to the publishers so ms will not be giving sony much if anything.
dmitrijs88  +   437d ago
Sony doesnt own Blu-Ray entirely, theres listing of companies who have rights on it. And if MS is paying royalties then everything is legal.
Im not defending MS, just stating general truth.
dennett316  +   437d ago
No-one's saying anything is illegal...why even bring that up?
ChrisW  +   437d ago

What part of "Sony doesn't solely OWN the patent are you not understanding?"

There are 14 companies including Sony and as Patch said, "Sony doesn't get money for the drives, they get money for each Blu Ray disc sold (approx 50 cents)."

Meaning MS can completely circumvent paying anything to Sony by placing the costs for the disc into the publishers' hands.

Econ 101
Abdou023  +   437d ago
Maybe because Microsoft is letting them use Windows on their Laptops ?

It's just business those companies aren't trying to destroy each other, they are just trying to maintain good relations and make money.

They are not Apple.
jeffgoldwin  +   437d ago
"They are not Apple."

Isnt it disgusting how many frivolous lawsuits Apple lawers pursue? Imagine the outcry if MS did that?

I mean a few years back apple sued Samsung for making a rectangular phone in shape claiming apple first came up with that idea. Ya they lost. But what a waste of time and money for most of the lawsuits.
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lnvisibleMan  +   437d ago
There are are nine electronic companies that own blu ray: Sony, Matsushita, Pioneer, Philips, Thomson, LG Electronics, Hitachi, Sharp, and Samsung.

So any company that uses blu-ray has to pay royalties to the companies listed above.
NukaCola  +   437d ago
Isn't Toshiba part of the bluray committee as well?
lnvisibleMan  +   437d ago
They actually one of the dominate players for HD DVD format. I dont like using wiki as a source but you go anyway.

'During the high definition optical disc format war, Blu-ray Disc competed with the HD DVD format. Toshiba, the main company that supported HD DVD, conceded in February 2008,[6] releasing its own Blu-ray Disc player in late 2009'

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nunley33  +   437d ago
yeah toshiba is the odd man out just like sony was during the vhs vs beta format wars. ms supported hd-dvd over bluray but toshiba suffered a more public setback from it since they were more vocal about it.
NukaCola  +   437d ago
Wasn't 100%. Thanks for the clarification and pile of disagrees..lol
come_bom  +   437d ago
Blu-ray Disc Association
Caleb_H  +   437d ago
So if someone on that list makes a blu ray player do they have to pay all those companies? Just wondering.
lnvisibleMan  +   437d ago
Probably each company payed for research and development, could be wrong I say each are immune from paying each other.
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nunley33  +   437d ago
those 9 aren't all equal partners,sony has a bigger stake and say in matters. they were the formats biggest cheerleader and the most active in making it. the others mostly gave support by making players for it.
Software_Lover  +   437d ago
What? Really?

Business is business and Sony doesn't own all the rights to Blu-Ray. Why does Microsoft let Sony make windows tablets? Because it's a f'n business thats why.
kenmid  +   437d ago
Why would anybody disagree on what you just said? It's 1000% true.
hduce  +   437d ago
This is N4G. Of course they are going to disagree. You could present facts and speak the truth all you want but their perception is their reality.
FlameHawk  +   437d ago
What the hell are you talking about? Sony doesn't make Window tablets. LOL do you think all tablets run windows? LOL so funny.
Software_Lover  +   437d ago
Sony doesn't make Windows tablets?

Vaio Duo
Vaio Multiflip
Vaio 20 say hello

And this is why this website is $h!t. Uneducated responses and blogs taken as truth.
kennyg3739  +   437d ago
It would been really simple to just do a little google search then totally making a fool out of your self.
Pogmathoin  +   437d ago
Its hard to accept for sony fanboys.
hduce  +   437d ago
@ FlameHawk You just got owned moron.
stuna1  +   437d ago
Software_Lover I understand what point you're trying to make, but those are Sony branded hardware appliances with Microsoft operating systems.
Pogmathoin  +   437d ago
You still do not get it do you? X1 is a microsoft built console using bluray... Whats the difference?
Xsilver  +   437d ago
the difference is Sony Electronics division makes devices that target everyone so guess what if people like windows design then they will make tablets for them Samsung,LG does it too thats how that business division works its about choice you know what that is right.
Now with Blu ray it is different MS endorsed Hd dvd but are Now using Blu ray so do ya get the picture.
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stuna1  +   437d ago
If the one's replying had read my comment above you would very well know I understand!,
GTgamer  +   437d ago
I think silver was talking to Beaver bro.
stuna1  +   437d ago
My bad Xsilver!
Xsilver  +   437d ago
its cool.
5eriously  +   437d ago
Sony are paying for that right dum dum!
Software_Lover  +   437d ago
............ Really? You're not gonna do a google/bing search on that before you post?

This is the ignorance that I'm talking about.

I really hope most of you are kids. I can understand some of the lack of knowledge. But for an adult....... I just can't fathom.
5eriously  +   437d ago
So you are saying that Sony are paying nothing the use Windows on there products? What vitriol are you vomiting anti Sony fannyboi?

Like the comment this idiot made

["Software_Lover + 1h ago
If HD-DVD was in the ps3 that would've won. The ps3 was the catalyst for the format war"]

Wait, who was that again?
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Pogmathoin  +   437d ago
Seriously... PS3 included blu ray as standard, MS did not include HDDVD.... If sony included HDDVD as standard...... Get it?
5eriously  +   437d ago
So tell me then why did M$ not continue and included DVDHD as their standard, they are so mighty and have so much more money than Sony? Why could the eXBox360 then not have been the catalyst Get that?

I doubt. But let us not go off topic. Crazy_Lover are a Anti Sony troll that is the main gripe. The fact remain that the BluRay had major advantages over the HDDVD and everybody knew it. Also everyone was not keen to be subjected to the de-facto M$ extortion as all eXBox360 owners can attest to .... think propriety drives etc, etc.
rainslacker  +   437d ago
Technically the consumer pays for it. It's the consumer that wants that product on the device they buy. Someone wants a windows tablet, they want a Sony brand, well there you are, put up the money and it's yours.

Not quite the same thing here, but overall, it's not like Sony and MS are at each others throats trying to force the other out of business by forcing them to use obsolete/unwanted tech.

MS was willing to pay for the rights to use Blu-Ray, why wouldn't Sony, or the Blu-Ray association, take the money.

The reason MS didn't really push the format war is because they don't have a huge stake in it. HD-DVD wasn't really their thing, and realistically, they probably knew they had a good chance to make money off Blu-Ray with their codecs anyways.

Nintendo didn't want to pay for the rights to use it, and I doubt it's the reason people aren't really picking up their system, so why does any of this even matter? MS is offering added value to their machine, one should be happy if they're getting it, and everyone should be happy others get to enjoy it.
Jazz4108  +   437d ago
Ms did not believe in any of them and thats why they made a add on. They felt dvd9 was fine for this past generation and for the most part they were right.
Caleb_H  +   437d ago
Goku781  +   437d ago
MS so forward thinking. Their the reason HD DVD is doing so well today!
gapecanpie  +   437d ago
MS never cared about about HD-DVD or Blu-Ray they just wanted digital download to be the future and just back HD-DVD because they didn't want Sony PS3 to have a clear lead.
Consoldtobots  +   437d ago
refreshing to know that the features and technology microsoft provides in their products are not worth the investment because you never know which ones they really "care" about in the long run. Who formulates this company's product strategy? a 10yr old WoW player?
ZBlacktt  +   437d ago
Sony's always the world leader. Not sure why there's always so much debate, lol.
kenmid  +   437d ago
World leader in what?
ZBlacktt  +   437d ago
You lost? Consoles? Blu-rays? number 1 in sales? What next?
kenmid  +   437d ago
CONSOLE.. Nintendo Wii, and you can throw in the Nintendo Ds. And I don't know how you could determine Sony number in sales, are you talking players or disk? So now what.
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vigilante_man  +   437d ago
PS1 = CD
PS3 = Blu-Ray

Just where do some people hide away...
Pogmathoin  +   437d ago
Was ancient by the time PS1 came out.... DVD had no competition.... Blu ray was different...
ZBlacktt  +   437d ago
You fail on life son... The Wii? The Wii really.... do you think a Wii for one second is remotely on the same level as a PS3 or even a XBox 360? Do you even have a clue of what each is capable? No one is even talking Wii U Next Gen.... Go back and play with your family kids level of console then. Let the real gamers talk here.

Again son, Blu ray is the topic. With Sony and MS as the subject.

But yes, the PS2 and PS1 are the best selling consoles of all time. And yes the PS3 outsold the 360..... again topic and subject.
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ShinMaster  +   437d ago
Speaking of gaming consoles, aside from the freak success of the Wii(which was behind the PS3 and 360 in tech), no Nintendo home console has ever sold anywhere near as many units as PlayStation consoles.

And Sony lead the way for modern gaming as we know it today with the PS1. PS2 pushed DVD and PS3 pushed Blu-ray.
saint_seya  +   437d ago
Add all the home consoles sony sold in 3 generations, then add nintendo+ms+sega home consoles, you will see why is the world leader on home consoles..
Benchm4rk  +   437d ago
@vigilante man you seriously don't think the ps1 was the first to use cd-rom do you. Take a look at the Mega CD and Panasonic 3do for example. Not to mention the CD was around for a long time before the ps1 was released. DVD was also already becoming the standard over VideoCD by the time it was put into the ps2. It was only really with theps3 and blu ray where they took the gamble and decided to put it in the machine while the format war between hd-dvd was still going on.
rainslacker  +   437d ago
With the PS1 and PS2, the CD and DVD were still rather new, or pretty expensive. CD's were just starting to hit the mainstream where players were affordable, and content was expanding rapidly, but it was for the most part just coming out of high end audio status.

The DVD was popular, but quite costly for the players. People at the time were still asking why they needed to upgrade. Players were cheaper than the PS2 on it's release, but the PS2 was also coming off a very strong PS1 generation, so the format picked up quickly. It's also worth noting that DVD really never had a format war worth talking about. VCD was about it, and it wasn't nearly as good. DVD would have been adopted regardless of the PS2's influence, but the PS2 did help bring it into more homes sooner.

PS3, on it's launch, was one of the cheapest players you could buy. It was also one of the best players you could buy, and had features that only really high end players had....even among Sony's own product line. Some of those early players even had codec issues with some discs, and most didn't even have easy upgrades. The PS3 definitely helped push Blu-Ray over HDDVD for many simply for the fact that millions of people just happen to have the Blu-Ray format on their game machine. If you wanted HDDVD on your game machine, you had to buy an add on, and in that case, why not just buy a full on player?

Anyhow, I'm tired, and lost my train of thought. will leave it at that.
Jazz4108  +   437d ago
They sure are not the world leader in making money the kind that keep your doors open they may beone of the worse at profiting.
Bluepowerzz  +   437d ago
lol all these xboxs have to call opon other consoles i spat out my cool aid when the ngr said the wii i mean comon this is too bad zblact dont waste your bubbles on em.
Benchm4rk  +   437d ago
Why is he Automatically a xbot/Xbox fanboy for stating the Wii. You Sony fanboys need to remember there are 3 console manufacturers and not two. As of now the Wii is the highest selling 7th generation console. It may not be when the final xbox360/ps3/Wii is off the shelf but for now you need to accept FACT
Themba76  +   437d ago
I think the world leader is Apple as the the worlds most valuable company they just beat out coca cola a couple of days ago.
fox2   437d ago | Spam
AceofStaves  +   437d ago
It's simple. The two companies are competitors, not enemies. If it makes sense for them to do business with one another, they will. It's the same reason MS operating systems are on VAIO laptops. It's just business.
Pancit_Canton  +   437d ago
Hmmm let see.

*Blu-ray Disc Standarization
*Blu-ray Sales
*Market Expansion

Just like how Sony letting Apple and Samsung used thier Camera Technology in thier Smartphone.
kenmid  +   437d ago
Just look at Apple and Samsung, they are biggest competitors and they are biggest business partners.
ShowanW  +   437d ago
It doesn't matter... Microsoft makes a killing off of Sony for Android phones...


So it's basically wash...
one2thr  +   437d ago
"Android" the OS is free, and made by Google... So, how exactly does MS make a killing off of Sony for Android Phones?
#11.1 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
ShowanW  +   436d ago
Patents... Did you not read the article... Microsoft makes a killing off of all Android handsets... HTC, Sony, Samsung... basically if you an Android handset, your gonna owe MS some loot...
alb1899  +   437d ago
SONY DOESN't own bluray.......is stupid jus to think that SONY can say no to Microsoft .
Can somebody explain why you disagree?
Do you think that because Microsoft has some actions from Facebook they can decide something in Facebook .........please!!
#12 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(13) | Report | Reply
Nekroo91  +   437d ago
if they own 40% of facebook yes they can decide everything, hell you dont even need 40%. just like sony owns 20% of the bluray patent and philips other 20% the other companys own small parts like 2%, 3...so they can device everything.

do you need a lesson how stocks work? because it seems you dont know anything
alb1899  +   437d ago
My point, Sony can't say no to Microsoft......it doesn't work that way.
ShinMaster  +   437d ago
Yes they do own part of it and they're one of the founders.
The only reason why Sony doesn't say no is because they'll be making money from Microsoft anyway.
rainslacker  +   437d ago
MS could say no to Sony for whatever tech of theirs that Sony decides to use in it's PS4. MS owns lots of things, and I'm sure that Sony is licensing something from them.

Whether they could say no or not is a moot point. The bigger question is, why would they say no?

Answer to that is, they wouldn't. If there's money to be had then why not make it. Only reason not to make the money is if it would hurt their own agenda, which in this case it doesn't.

MS offers lots of things that companies, or people, are allowed to use freely. DirectX for instance is completely free to use on any device one wishes.

In this day and age, it's almost impossible for computer or tech companies to make any device completely on their own, and practically impossible for them to not use at least one of their competitors products. There's even a low-cost licensing consortium to handle these things, to make sure that standards are adopted quickly, and widely available(don't care to look up the name at the moment).
TwistingWords  +   437d ago
Because Sony has no say in the matter and anyone can buy a licence to use various sections of patents and copyrights pertaining to aspects of Blu-Ray technology.
#13 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(8) | Report | Reply
Hicken  +   437d ago
Pretty sure Sony could pressure the other members of Blu Ray to NOT allow Microsoft to use the technology, if they so chose. They might not be successful, but then again they MIGHT.

"No say" isn't accurate.
TwistingWords  +   437d ago
Thats called unconscionability.

Thats illegal and would break apart the BDA and send every lawyer in the world suing each and every member of said consortium and making Sony bankrupt in about a picosecond.

Also Sony isn't a sole holder of Blu-Ray technology, I don't even think they own any patents regarding it, so their case would be null and void from the get go.

So they have NO SAY in the matter.
5eriously  +   437d ago
So words twister why did M$ refuse to use the BluRay on the 360? Mmmmmm, please do tell as I am waiting in angst for your clever response!

I do think Pachter is an idiot but then again I do think he knows much more and at least are not as dumb as an average idiotic fanboi (wink)
hduce  +   437d ago
They refused to use Blu ray or HD DVD because they wanted to keep the cost of the console down and also they were more interested in having digital downloads for movies as opposed to a high price medium that they didn't directly profit from.

Just saw that I had a blind disagree. What is there to disagree about? Do your research and you would know what you were talking about.
#13.2.1 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(1) | Report
rainslacker  +   437d ago
Don't know if they refused, and cost may have been an issue, but I think they wanted to get the 360 out before the Blu-Ray spec was finalized and the tech was available. Sony even delayed their console because the tech(laser diodes) was just rolling off the assembly line, and there were last minute issues with it.

MS made a choice to be first. In this case it worked to their advantage with a one year head start, and IMO it was a smart business move. From a gamer standpoint, I feel they somewhat held back this generation, as the DVD format has shown it's limits when it comes to larger games. It was a trade off though, and is what it is.
5eriously  +   436d ago
Now where is that one year advantage now? Where will it be in future? Gone, lost forever.

That is exactly it, M$ had you at an disadvantage for the whole generation and where did it get them? Just because they wanted to save a few cents and make more profits. Nothing will change in the next gen. M$ will still milk the cow dry!
ShinMaster  +   437d ago
They do have a say. Whether it would get far, we don't know.
But why would they say no to Microsoft? They're making royalties from MS.
buynit  +   437d ago
Oh god... Ppl really think Sony owns blue ray enough to say who can and can't use It?!
lnvisibleMan  +   437d ago
There is no reason why Sony would be against Microsoft using the Blu ray format. Its a mutalistic relationship for each party involved. Microsoft benefit from a better format for game developement. Sony and other members of Blu-ray Disc Association benefit from the royalaties they get from each disc sold.
buynit  +   437d ago
I get you... Its all good in my book all i want is great games, i don't care what console its on cause i will have all of them...
Dirkster_Dude  +   437d ago
Not to mention illegal to refuse to sell to Microsoft. Don't know what the law is called exactly, but has to do with fair market competition, etc. There is no legitimate reason not to sell Blu-Ray technology and collect royalties from Microsoft. It's no different than going into a store to buy something and the person at the checkout counter doesn't like you for whatever reason so they refuse to sell you whatever you want to buy.
Lykon  +   437d ago
i'd laugh if a fat german homosexual did a poo on patchers face
xDHAV0K24x  +   437d ago
Lykon  +   437d ago
oh sorry did i mix patcher up with someone else? who is the guy that's some sort of market analyst that's known for being attention seeking and opinionated, obsessed with his own public profile? i thought it was patcher .
kingPoS  +   437d ago
I scratch your back your back you scratch mine.

Skype Bluray not to mention other unmentioned faucets.
A partnership is a partnership whether it's seen or not.
#16 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
obelix01  +   437d ago
Well Microsoft was pushing the HD DVD. I even had one of the drives that connected to the 360. It was all trial & error. HD DVD & Bluray either one was going to become the standard. If HD DVD became the standard I'm positive Sony would be using HD DVD.
hduce  +   437d ago
Microsoft was reluctant to use HD DVD that's why they had an add on and didn't include it built into the system. Again they had no reason to use it because they didn't directly profit from it. The only thing that they profited from was using the codec for both Blu ray and HD DVD which was the VC-1. ironically if Microsoft chose to use HD DVD or Blu ray built into the console initially they may not have been subjected to the rampant pirating that was going on.
#17.1 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
metalgod88  +   437d ago
Patcher is by far one of the biggest morons I've ever known. If he actually read anything about Blu-Ray, he would know it's owned by 13 companies and isn't run by Sony.
rainslacker  +   437d ago
If you watched the video you would see that he said exactly that, and admitted he couldn't recall the name of the consortium. It was a question posed by one of his followers.
metalgod88  +   437d ago
No I didn't watch the video. Normally, I don't even waste with anything related to this guy, but I guess I'll have to watch this video lol. Also, who would follow this guy? lol He's a joke to the gaming industry. Every single one of his predictions turns out to be completely wrong every time.
Sy_Wolf  +   437d ago
Sony doesn't own BluRay. They do have a lot of shares for the BluRay Disc association however so they make royalties on Microsoft licensing the technology. Pretty simple really.
ymmarreca2194   437d ago | Spam
Lazyeye79  +   437d ago
Does anyone know the disc speed for the Xbox One?

Thank you in advance.
obelix01  +   437d ago
Its very fast. Faster than a speeding bullet.
hduce  +   437d ago
Faster than a virgin's first time.
xDHAV0K24x  +   437d ago
I dont buy blu rays sooooo.... *shrugg* idc what format they use. Gimme the games!
Lazyeye79  +   437d ago
If you buy games you will be buying blu-rays.
xDHAV0K24x  +   437d ago
king_george  +   437d ago
Well a lot of games wont be coming in a digital format right off the bat. Its just not mainstream enough quite yet. Are you planning to not buy a single blu-ray disc? Just curious, why?
#22.2 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
xDHAV0K24x  +   436d ago
I'm ready for the digital age. I have the 320GB 360 and with 50 games d/l i still have over 150GB left. I ran out of space for physical media. My shelves are for old systems and their libraries. Have maybe 15-20 360 hard copies. I also stream everything
Flames76  +   437d ago
Its the only money sony can make in the gaming buisness.Damn they lost over 5 billion on the PS3 and 2 billion PS Vita.Plus the PS4 is gonna lose $60 every console sold
LordDhampire  +   437d ago
because games would be gimped if xbox still used dvd
urwifeminder  +   437d ago
Only reason it won is because sony changed their stance on porn and the industry embraced it made the mistake of not allowing porn on beta max, I wonder if any pc games will start to embrace it.
#25 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JohnS1313  +   437d ago
What? Blu-ray won because the PS3 was a cheap Blu-ray player so Blu-ray had a big user base. HD-DVD never caught on. Maybe if Microsoft included an HD-DVD player in the 360 it would have won but they were in too much of a hurry to release the 360.
josephayal  +   437d ago
if you can't fight them join them
JustInTlME  +   437d ago
Blu-ray outlasted HD-DVD because of the porn industry. I'm being serious.
Dirkster_Dude  +   437d ago
Sarcasm - I'm serious: The fact that it was faster, could hold more storage, and had more up-to-date and flexible Digital Rights Management capability had nothing to do with it I suppose. Oh wait, and they also had provided and upgrade path for the technology that future investors could see the technology wasn't a 1 shot deal.
#27.1 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
JustInTlME  +   437d ago
It was definitely part of it, but look back at VHS. Why did it win? Was it better and more powerful then Betamax? No! But porn backed VHS and porn is a multi-BILLION dollar industry. Same thing happened with Blu-ray.
mrbojingles  +   437d ago
This is like asking why Nintendo advertises their products at non-Seattle Mariners MLB games.
Dirkster_Dude  +   437d ago
While I'm normally not a Pachter hater like most gamers I will say the idea that Sony wouldn't allow Microsoft to use Blu-Ray has got to be one of the dumbest questions from a supposedly educated man. First of all, trying to prevent Microsoft from buying a license for Blu-Ray would be illegal and a possible anti-trust violation, which could end up invalidating Sony's patent or be forced to license the technology at whatever the government thinks is a good price. Microsoft actually got in trouble with that for refusing to license there API's except to certain vendors they considered select partners. Second, there are at least 15 other companies in the Blu-Ray alliance that makes money off of royalties in Microsoft's licensing deal with Blu-Ray that are not direct competitors. Do you think Sony can simply tell them "no" we will not license Blu-Ray to Microsoft? Third, the ribbing and bragging rights for backing Blu-Ray when Microsoft backed the wrong technology is nearly priceless. Sony doesn't have to say a thing for Microsoft to know that Sony is saying behind the scenes: "You people are idiots and the PS4 is more powerful too!"
#29 (Edited 437d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
Gamer666  +   437d ago
It is very simple. Sony holds the patents to a monopoly product. aka High Definition disc players. Therefore, they have to license it to MS on fair and reasonable terms.

If they don't the governments of the EU and Us would go after them...
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