Enjoy Seven Minutes of Killzone: Shadow Fall’s Spectacular Single Player Gameplay

Killzone: Shadow Fall definitely promises to be one of the best looking games of the outset of the next generation and today one more piece of evidence of that appeared, thanks to a new video from the show floor of the Russian trade show Igromir, that is currently in full swing in Moscow.

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PositiveEmotions1418d ago

The graphics are awesome but im not a fps fan so i wont get it.

Ezz20131418d ago

there is always people who think it's important for us to know about their opinion on games they won't get

OT: the gfx is unreal
by far the best looking next gen title

P0werVR1417d ago

Visually breath taking.

FamilyGuy1417d ago

@ 2:50-3:04

I don't know how he could keep running along without stopping to stare at that river, it looks insane!

starchild1417d ago

Very nice looking. The gameplay in this video also excited me more than many of the other videos.

Irishguy951417d ago

This is the first Video to even get me interested in this title. Graphics blah blah as usual. Game looked fun.

guitarded771417d ago

Visually beautiful... but I kinda miss the desolate environments of the past games. But it's nice to have a change of pace too. Think the city environment of the first demo looked cooler than the forest environment.

Really like that you can just plant a bomb without have to do the 6 axis spin the controller BS. That used to annoy me when I would go to plant a charge and was getting shot at, trying to spin the controller.

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JuniorCE1418d ago

So why did you post? LoL

Dee_911417d ago

Because he likes the graphics ?

dale_denton1417d ago

you're emotions are so possitive

schlanz1417d ago

I'm not an fps fan but this one looks worth playing to me.

sonarus1417d ago

smh @ u fanboys. 99% of the comments here are opinion based and then you attack positiveemoticons smdh.

Personally i am not a big fps fan either but they are decent enough that i will purchase this game considering it looks like one of the better launch games on ps4. If it came out on ps3 though i probably wouldn't

Evilsnuggle1417d ago

Other than infamous second son or the division. Killzone sf is true NEXT GEN. 1080p 60fsp

come_bom1417d ago

Graphics look very good... let's hope the game is more then another brainless good looking linear FPS.

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Gamesgbkiller1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )


I don't know if this going to make me buy K:SF over BF4.

K:SF's MP is generic from what I saw.

But I'm a huge Killzone fan.

I'll get it anyway.

fattyuk1418d ago

You comment hurt my brain.

"Huge killzone fan but not sure if you'll get this over BF4"


abusador1418d ago

Also mp is generic Lol, yeah bf is so revolutionary lol

cell9891418d ago

neither Killzones nor Battlefields multiplayer is generic, they both offer something no other game offers, one way or another

Muffins12231417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Name something or anything that killzone did that made its multiplayer so original or different besides a a game-mode that changes objectives.If halo was never made its likely that this would of never been made because sony made killzone to compete with halo(came out around 2 years right after halo) and they have failed to reach(hehe pun their) anywhere near the halo's franchise success.....i mean im getting a ps4 and this game but my god its not even close to a system seller like uncharted or halo. The games im looking forward too are infamous second son,deep down, and knack. The only thing killzone dose better than other games is its graphics. The level design and art-style look way better in this killzone game compared to the previous ones though.So even with killzone 2 and 3 the graphics may have been good,the art-style was mediocre same went for the protagonist and what ever hope killzone 2 did for the killzone multiplayer was crushed by killzone 3 into crap. Hope killzone shadow fall's multiplayer is as good as killzone 2,or in other words,not a shit multiplayer.Hell i would say even halo reach had better multiplayer and its maps where horrible. Point of this comment,killzone gets to much forgiveness for its failures as a game.Not saying its horrible but is far from being amazing or a game of the year.....halo ,final fantasy XV, metal gear solid,infamous second son, and watch dogs are going to be amazing games,not this game.

SharnOfTheDEAD1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Halo is done, Destiny will bury it along with all those ET games in the desert. Halo 4 was about as generic as generic can be described, go from A to B shoot everything then Quick time to Win. The campaign was unbelievable weak compared to other FPS games. Halo is getting old unless 343 perform some kind of miracle I don't hold much hope for it, but Microsoft will milk it, just like they did with Gears and we all see how Judgement turned out. Anyway Killzone 3 had Ray Winston! Enough said lmao.

Muerte24941417d ago


Dynamic Spawning: Tactician
Behind Enemy lines: Saboteur
You mentioned already) Dynamic Game modes

A well placed spawn grenade could turn the tide of a match.

Gamesgbkiller1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

It doesn't mean if I'm a fan of something , I'll rush in without thinking.

I'm sorry for your hurt :)

Baka-akaB1417d ago

"original or different besides a a game-mode that changes objectives"

Lol , why ? With guys so bladed as you .

As if that alone wasnt a big innovation right there , or if not an innovation not different from the fold at least .

On top of other things

parentoftheyear1417d ago

I don't know if I will buy a whopper over a big Mac,
Whoppers taste Like all other burgers.
I'm a huge whopper fan.
I will buy it.

I like turtles.

andrewsqual1417d ago

@Muffins1223 You do know that the Killzone series sells more at game launch then the Infamous series right???

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GarrusVakarian1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )

You call Killzone's MP generic but you are going to buy BF4 over it?

The irony is strong with this one.


I played the BF4 beta, its EXACTLY the same game with some new maps. Its DLC.

wishingW3L1418d ago

64 players, huge maps, dynamic destruction, vehicles... How many FPS MP's can you mention that have all that?

LackTrue4K1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )


BattleField 1/2/3

Dice makes great games no doubt, but its the same....

Anzil1418d ago

bf mp is way deeper than killzones but that doesnt mean anything killzone is a different game and if you think bf4 is dlc yo clearly didnt hear that there is an extra 42 player in the match, full destruction and 60 fps.......whats killzone bringing that 3 doesnt have???????????

LackTrue4K1418d ago (Edited 1418d ago )


what are you saying?!? they added 42 more players to there already present 64 players on map?!?!?

Or are you just saying that cuz now an XboxOne/PlayStation 4 can support it 64 players on the map...?!

"Uhhh what. I hope this is a joke. With games like Natural Selection, Team Fortress, Planetside, and a plethora of others I could name that easily prove this wrong. The goggles some of you people wear make you blinded by anything that doesn't have a huge PS4 sticker on the side...."


Ju1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

BF has a story? When did that happen? (I don't mean this fake story arch riding the terrorist wave each and every year)