Diablo 3 Console Item Duping: Blizzard Doesn't Care And Neither Should You

Diablo 3 players on Xbox 360 and PS3 have noticed their fellow adventurers are duplicating items or modifying them with outrageous stats. Blizzard doesn't seem worried about this and, frankly, they shouldn't be.

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fractured741691d ago

I care a lot,see whats the point of playing a game if your going to be some one who breezes through the game with no chance of getting killed.Why not just put the game on easy and walk through it that way.I hope this sort of thing gets nipped in the bud next gen as it has destroyed online gaming on this one.

3-4-51691d ago

More options to play how you want.

I never do that stuff in these types of games, it takes some of the challenge and fun away.

I don't want too much challenge but being the most powerful is usually boring.

nope1111691d ago

Duping is not even necessary... Now if it was Borderlands 2 and their TERRIBLE drop rates....

Tetsujin1691d ago

Oh don't EVEN get me started on Borderlands 2 with the drop rates, the "adjusting boss battles," and especially a new character class that shouldn't even exist. I commend Blizzard since they at least see the "duping" argument different ways rather than people whining just to have something to whine about.

Vanna1691d ago

Never really understood the cheating that goes on if it is duping or the need to be top of a leaderboard by some exploit.

Doesnt it feel hollow. Like not really your victory??

Chrischi19881691d ago

the duping of items is the little detail, that ruined the whole game for me, the whole. On PC they fight botters, on console they gift you with ways, to simply dupe everything. D3 is an online game and should be treated as one, even if you play local coop. Blizzard should imagine how much money they lose, just because of this little detail. They said they have learned, but they somehow always manage to implement something, that destroys the whole experience and this time, it is duping your character with an USB Stick and being able to play those ONLINE! They should've done it like in D2 with closed battlenet and if a friend wants to bring his account to your playstation 3, then he has to log in on his account and gets access for this one time. Not that hard to think of a working solution, but Blizzard just did not give a damn about it. They ruined the console version and since the whole skillsystem was so absurdly made, so you can simply play it on a console, because you can only use 6 skills at a time for example, which is perfect for controllers, they also managed to ruin the PC version because of that. At first it was not clear, why the skillsystem was so wierd compared to Diablo before, but when they announced the console version, it became absolutely clear, so you can have an equal experience. They destroyed the best gaming franchise, because of consoles, they were so into the idea to bring it to consoles, that they just destroyed the PC version and shitted on every real Diablo Fan, who played the game countless times and is the true fan of the franchise. The console version had hope because of no auction house, but as it looks like, there is no, because it is soooo easy to dupe. I hated the AH, but I believe they didnt get rid of it, because of reasons the gamers told them, it is just to hide the fact, how easy somebody could dupe items.

Tetsujin1691d ago

Flip your argument, and you can say PC is what ruined some console games. I don't look at it as "ruining a game," I look at it as expanding your audience and seeing who really plays the game more so they can plan for the future. If Diablo 3 was PC only I wouldn't have been able to actually enjoy it, however, since it's also on console I can play the series again and enjoy another game to my collection.

As far as the whole duping argument it can go either way; some people want to test out certain gear to see if it fits their setup (which honestly is almost the same as dropping gear for someone else), while others will argue to death that "regardless" you should spend the time grinding and if it doesn't appear in your game then "too bad." My concern was "shared loot" which I'm glad they make everyone see their own drops, and I'm glad a lot of games are going that route so at least there's no loot ninjas.

Chrischi19881691d ago

I am not denying, that on many games the same happens the other way around, but in this case it is this way ;)

Chrischi19881691d ago

The essence of the game, after you reached endgame, was to trade gear to become stronger, to find out, what is the best. Duping and the AH basically destroyed those two aspects, which made D2 players come back for the game, even after 8 years of its release and with a replayability, like almost no other game.

feraldrgn1691d ago

The only way it would cause a problem would be if:

If there was online PVP,
If duped items bugged up other peoples saves in Co-op,

Not sure if the console versions have leaderboards, but I guess that'd be a legitimate reason to care, if that's important to you.