Zelda producer on Wii U game -- "It's going well"

Eiji Aonuma speaks positively about upcoming Wii U Zelda game, says it will use GamePad in "various ways"; wants to shake up series with new game.
Development on the upcoming Wii U Legend of Zelda game is "going well," series producer Eiji Aonuma told 4Gamer in a new interview translated by Siliconera.

"It’s going well!,” Aonuma said, explaining that the new game will use the Wii U GamePad in "various ways." None of these were specified.

Also in the interview, Aonuma was asked about his recent comment that he is "tired" of making Zelda games. This quote was misinterpreted, he said, because he really meant he is tired of making games based on the same formula.

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Benjaminkno1472d ago

You're GAWD DAMN RIGHT it's going well. As good as SS was, the series could use a different direction. It's too bad we have to wait til probably Winter of '15 to get the game. I'm not sure the world can keep going on the way it is long enough for me to play it....

let me at least play this game first before America becomes a full-blown Nazi military state...

... oh no... they can hear me...

Abdou0231471d ago

They may have been aiming for 2015 release, but now they need to make it sooner than that in order to boost sales, so more 3rd party devs. get on board early.

The 10th Rider1471d ago

Actually, there's been evidence pointing to them aiming for a (probably late) 2014 release. Which would be awesome.

AbortMission1471d ago

Dude, that 3rd party ship has sailed.. a LONG time ago

Chrischi19881471d ago

Actually it has not, just because Betheshda says so. People who say this, do not know, how marketing and business works. You go there, where the money is, if there could be enough money on Nintendos platform, then even EA stated it will come back.

UltimateMaster1471d ago

Can't this game come any sooner?
I really cannot wait for it.

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ritsuka6661471d ago

Man,this is going to be the biggest, most ambitious Zelda game to date?

chrissx1471d ago

I will get a wiiu for this game.

filchron1471d ago

might get it. if its better than ocarina of time and doesnt have a wack artstyle. its time for zelda games to lead the next generation like they did on N64.

Chrischi19881471d ago

Yeah, better than Ocarina of Time, just like that^^

filchron1471d ago

not "its going extremely well" or "this new zelda game will blow your minds and will dethrone uncharted in terms of visual presentation"? just "its going well" ok :/

filchron1471d ago

i dont get the disagrees. do you guys not want the new zelda game to raise the bar and set a new standard? i know you guys are cutting nintendo some slack because this is their first HD console but geez come on. demand more from your first party games. maybe then more 3rd parties will jump on.

marloc_x1471d ago

Nintendo has always been modest in the development of their products, and I am assured some of the best gaming on the Planet..

clouds51471d ago

Can't wait :) It was a good decision to get a WiiU.

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The story is too old to be commented.