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Feed Your Bird: Smartest puzzle game You Can Enjoy !

You can find many puzzle games on the App store. But only few are worthy enough to play and like. One of the many puzzle games that you will definitely fall in love with and go crazy playing is Feed Your Bird. Feed your bird is a challenging and smartest puzzle game ever. So if you like to employ your time and mind power on something useful and logical then Feed your bird is definitely your game play. (Android, iPad, iPhone)

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Tiqila  +   275d ago
author must be the creator of this game. The game is really not that good (just checked it out), cant understand all the praise.

You drop geometrical objects from the top and hope that they make the structures around your bird collapse to set the bird free. It has not much to do with logic, its more like a boring version of angry birds. At least the physics feel the same.

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