SCE President Andrew House Explains the 5 Million Sales Target for PS4, Mentions Beta for Gaikai

Sony Computer Entertainment President Andrew House explains the reasons behind that lofty estimate of five million PS4 sold by the end of the fiscal year and also mentiones a beta for the Gaikai cloud gaming service.

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fattyuk1719d ago

Well you count my household for 2 of those 5 mil

PR_FROM_OHIO1719d ago

I see your 2 and raise you 1 lol!

Abriael1719d ago

You mean you're gonna buy 3?

Abriael1719d ago

Lol. Please now you have to tell me what you're going to do with three :D

Salooh1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I will pre order mine in monday :D . Anyone recommend a good deal with release date delivery for uk ?. :P

fattyuk1719d ago

^^^ don't think you'll get a guranteed release day console in the uk if you haven't pre ordered yet?

might be wrong,

Salooh1719d ago

Yea , i'm too late T_T . Thanks anyway . I guess i will have to pre-order and wait until release date . Then i will search in retail stores , if i found one i will cancel my pre-order ...

HammadTheBeast1719d ago (Edited 1719d ago )

I hope all consoles do well.

5 mill for PS4 is EZ mode.

Hopefully Wii U can pull up the numbers, and Xb1 can do well also.

My money's on PS4 tho.

LetoAtreides821719d ago

Fattyuk, he might still be able to pre-order a bundle for launch day, but I doubt he can get a standalone version.

miyamoto1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

the Saviour of Play is coming!

JuniorCE1718d ago

To resell??

I regret badly.... I should've pre-ordered at least more 3 units at different retail stores...

I saw people on EBAY trying to resell PS4 for $1200 :-(

Unfortunately, I am just getting one...

nosferatuzodd1718d ago

lol how about youre 1 and my 3

amiga-man1718d ago

I havn't pre ordered but i'm a patient man, I have no Idea how many Sony will sell at launch but one things for sure they can't make them quick enough.

The PS4 is certainly the machine that most people want getting hold of one will be the problem.

AndrewLB1718d ago

Junior- Sony said recently in an interview with Fox Business that they will have far more PS4's at retailers than there are pre-orders. I wouldn't count on making anywhere near the insane amount of profit like we saw with PS3, especially since PS4 will be widely available on day one without a pre-order.

Ju1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I still believe pre-orders are a minority. Now, what's the factor we'll see. If it is somewhere 4:1 (which I can easily see possible), they will need 4-5Million units until Christmas or January (second batch). 1M in preorders is high. It will most likely sold out for a while.

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Magicite1719d ago

I bet it will breach 5 by end of this year.

MaximusPrime_1718d ago

2 in my household. I'm buying one, my brother buying his

Rhaigun1718d ago

This isn't directed at you solely, Maximus, but I find it strange some of the people here were complaining that Steam Machines are too expensive, and then I see those same people here talking about buying multiple PS4's.

Which is it? Steam Machines aren't too expensive, or some are lying about getting multiple consoles?

wastedcells1718d ago

Sony hook us up with vita TV then we can have ps4 on every TV for the win.

finbars751718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Agreed but I have a feeling there going to hit that 5 million easily before the end of the fiscal year from all the numbers in preorders that keep being released which is great news for those who purchase the PS4.To think that the PS4 will be launching in 1 month and 9 days is going to be the most epic day in years.Cant wait for Gaikai to be part of this whole experience.

darren_poolies1718d ago

You're going to buy 2 million PS4s? :P

VforVideogames1718d ago

I read all the comments post in a PS4 article and for the first time no sony fan call the XBOX ONE a XBONE nor a microsoft fan the PLAYSATION a GAYSTATION that my friends is RESPECT I SALUTE YOU FELLOW GAMERS!!!!!

3-4-51718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

Fiscal year ends in March right ?

So what this possibly could means is, there is a huge game release before March that maybe we haven't heard of yet.

Pope_Kaz_Hirai_II1718d ago

I can 1000% guarantee it will sell that many , i cant get a hold of one anywhere and im now hoping for cancellations.

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GTgamer1719d ago

I hope the gaikai beta starts early 2014.

dcj05241719d ago

Will be easily met. This is the biggest console launch in history. And the first time 2 rivals go head to head in the same timeframe. Ashame I have to wait till Janurary.

Sevir1719d ago

Not the first, Ninty and Sony went head to head in 2006 with the Wii and the PS3... But we knew how that went! Lol. Still MS has no advantage this Winter! They'll both sell out but the PS4 will Sell more.

insomnium21718d ago

Well winning in the short term is not all there is to it. PS3 is set to pass Wii in a couple of years so.....

_QQ_1718d ago

you think the ps3 will sell 20mil units more with the ps4 coming out? ps2 was a rare case that we probably will never see for a while.

Sevir1718d ago

It'll sell... The PS3 is $200 it's mass market price, there is still software releasing and only the early adopters will be making the jump to the PS4 in year one and 2. With the PS3 being where it's at, 86 million units sold and cross gen software coming casuals see little reason to upgrade and spend 200+/300+ premium for games they can largely play on their PS3 and Xbox 360...

It's a ten year cycle... The PS1 sold 100+ million and the PS2 sold 160+ million, at it's current rate Sony will sell 100+ million in 3 years which would put it at it's 10 year mark.

nirwanda1718d ago

And the saturn and ps1 also went head to head too, sega won the battle but sony won the war.

TechMech21718d ago

It's a good time to be a gamer

kratos_TheGoat1719d ago

I bet 5mill on ps4 and 4.6 mil for xbox 1 getting both sweet

BabyTownFrolics1719d ago

Getting both too

It's gonna be a great winter

nukeitall1718d ago

I'm getting Xbox One, and on the fence about PS4 myself. I have both pre-ordered though, but it is a lot of dough to put down, on something I don't have much time to use.

matrixman921719d ago

I was a huge 360 fanboy this gen, bought every multi plat on 360 and only played ps3 for exclusives. But I really do not think it will be that close. I think the damage has been done, and people like me have already decided to jump on the sony bandwagon. PS4 will completely destroy xbox one IMO

kratos_TheGoat1719d ago

I cant ignore live lol live is addicted just like ps plus

nukeitall1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I think the lack of dedicated servers on PS4 will hurt them on multiplayer games. I think the casual market will also eat into PS4 market.

That said, I think the PS4 has the core market cornered and maybe the cheapskates. However, core gamers tend to be the very early adopters.

DigitalRaptor1718d ago

Desperate times eh, nukeitall?

So let's take a look at your conflicting arguments.

- Lack of dedicated servers on PS4 will hurt them on multiplayer games

Who buys those games and cares about the fine details that makes a better multiplayer experience? Core gamers.

- PS4 has the core market cornered and maybe the cheapskates

So they have the core gamers cornered, so they can't win on the "dedicated servers" front, and who are the cheapskates? Casuals, right? So yeah... nice reaching going on there, but you Xbox fanboys aren't going to be in as comfortable a ride as last generation, and I think the sooner you deal with that reality, the healthier you will be for it.

scott1821718d ago


Please explain your lack of dedicated servers argument in further detail... I would like to hear more.

Seeing as how sony will have two new separate cloud solutions for next gen (Gaikai and openstack), besides the servers they already have currently that they used for exclusives last gen...

Pretty sure Sony will be just fine on that front.

solidjun51718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

"I have both pre-ordered though, but it is a lot of dough to put down, on something I don't have much time to use."

You are you fooling nukeitall? I highly doubt you have both pre-ordered.

EDIT: damnit. I replied on the wrong thread.

Ju1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

You know that the servers are exactly the same for both, Playstation and Xbox (this includes PS3 and 360) - and usually PC as well. Just FYI.

And, btw, nothing really prevents a PS developer to use Azure. Just saying. This would be a little bit ironic, though.

BG115791718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

@matrixman92 Well said (bubble up)! It's the same thing for me.

1) You know, in my country, Sony is making contracts and investing money with the major internet provider to improve and increase the bandwidch dedicated for PSN services. Because if you don't have a good internet, serves won't mean anything.
2) Now people that buy a PS4 are poor? Using you logic, the people that bought a 360 are also poor. Did you have a 360?

nukeitall1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )


"Who buys those games and cares about the fine details that makes a better multiplayer experience? Core gamers."

You can be a core gamer, and not play online! Zing!

Those that care about multiplayer will gravitate towards the system that gives them the best experience online. This has been proven with Xbox Live Gold.

"So they have the core gamers cornered, so they can't win on the "dedicated servers""

As pointed out earlier, core gamers consist of several groups of people.


"Please explain your lack of dedicated servers argument in further detail... I would like to hear more."

Titanfall was made for Xbox One, because Sony was unable to provide the dedicated server needs Respawn had.


Call of Duty: Ghost has dedicated servers on Xbox One, but nothing for PS4.

Some developers will provide their own servers, but there aren't many that can match MS in cloud availability, and likely price:

Respanw said "Most importantly to us[Respawn], Microsoft priced it so that it’s far more affordable than other hosting options "

“We[MS] have something over a million servers in our data center infrastructure. Google is bigger than we are. Amazon is a little bit smaller. You get Yahoo! and Facebook, and then everybody else is 100,000 units probably or less. So the number of companies that really understand the network topology, the data center construction, the server requirements to build this public cloud infrastructure is very, very small.”


Keep in mind that availability in certain regions, proximity to where you live and cost all matters. Because I have a server in space, doesn't make it an equivalent.


"And, btw, nothing really prevents a PS developer to use Azure. Just saying. This would be a little bit ironic, though."

Sure they can, and they can also host their own servers or get it from someone else.

Problem is, the cost!

MS is providing dedicated servers at low cost to developers. They can actually afford it, as well as provide the tools to set it up quickly with the most server compared to almost anyone.

Most developers want to create games, not play "internet hosting/cloud provider".

We are already starting to see that gap appear with CoD and Titanfall.


Whatever I say, you won't believe me anyhow.

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Magicite1719d ago

MS cant manufacture that many in so short timeframe even if they want.

AndrewLB1718d ago

Care to explain how you know this?

nirwanda1718d ago

Ms don't manufacturer anything, they get people to do it for them.

SonyKong641718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

I'm going to make a statement with my wallet and not buy Microsoft's Xbox one.

My statement? I do not support anti consumer corporate greed, regardless of oops sorry you caught me reversals on those same disgusting policies..

Now invent some pride in yourself as a supposed gamer and follow suit = ) you'll sleep better at night.

Thatlalala1718d ago

Your life is going to be a very long and frustrating one then. This is how the world works.

sAVAge_bEaST1718d ago

@SonyKong64 -Righteous,

@Thatlalala -Disgraceful,

nirwanda1718d ago

I moving from xbox to sony, not because of any corporate reasons just purely on price, power and free games.

nirwanda1718d ago

@savagedo you buy clothes? Or food?.
You must be a vegetarian that makes there own clothing.
The whole world is a moral minefield.

TechMech21718d ago

I don't ponder those things when deciding which company I throw my money at. It's just video games.

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Vanna1719d ago

Was really hoping the gaikai rollout starts earlier in EU then atleast 2015, not all of EU has poor broadband speeds.

Really looking forward to what they achieve with it though, while we wait :)