The Last Of Us Creative Director on Why Feminism in Gaming is Dead

In the final part of his keynote speech, creative director Neil Druckmann gives us his original interpretation of “The Last of Us” ending and explains his motivation for creating that ending. He also addresses the idea of Tropes vs. Women in Video Games, feminism in the gaming industry, and why it's in desperate need of a revival.

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showtimefolks1527d ago

Must watch awesome

Jak artwork oh ND we want it
And how the idea for last of us really started back in 2004 and how it evolved

ND one of the top 3 best development teams in gaming today

Heisenburger1527d ago

I read that in the voice of Charlie from It's Always Sunny.

Geez Louise... :P

shivvy241527d ago

I hate how feminist complain that theres not enough female characters and there should be equal treatment, but when games like gow ascension includes a female getting brutally killed they bitch around ! Then the trophy name gets changed ! This is why devs dont want controversies so they dont usually have these kinda stuff !

showtimefolks1527d ago


if i am a developer i will do what i want, so what if few women who weren't going to buy my game anyway affect my choices

but gaming media are bunch of cry babies, adam sessler was the one that brought up issues with that trophy, i like adam but i believe that was a unfair complain

if this keeps up during development there will be check lists of things to do to please female gamers

-Gespenst-1527d ago

Title is a bit misleading. A lot of people are going to JUST read the headline and think, "Oh Neil Druckmann thinks feminism is stupid and also thinks it's dead" which is the very opposite. I mean I know you included his actual point in the description but most of the people who rail against gender equality in their own unwitting ways are the types that'd probably only read the headline.

This is the actual title of the article or podcast: "The Last of Us Creative Director Talks DLC and Video Game Culture". The current title is flamebait, or sexist confirmation bias-bait.

Anyhow, mad props and +respect to Druckmann. I just hope people don't suddenly start getting behind the cause MERELY because their favourite AAA developer advocates it. Hopefully this encourages some self-education, not just parroting.

Hufandpuf1527d ago

I don't know how this article got approved with that headline. Nowhere on the site does it provide the basis for that headline. flag this article.

Hicken1527d ago

I don't think people are against feminism so much as they are against this faux feminist movement that's become a big movement in the gaming media.

Feminism is about equal treatment for women, not special treatment. But almost all the incidents that occur- ALMOST, but not every one- in gaming are of the latter kind in nature.

Complaints about violence against women in games where almost everyone you kill is a male. Whining that a game doesn't have a female main character as if that shows some bias against women.

Real sexism in gaming does exist, but much of what we read about is not that at all, and I think people are really tired of it being brought up.

Blaze9291527d ago (Edited 1527d ago )

If women want more women in games, start filling in the jobs that make these games. It goes the same for any other person/race/gender/culture tired of playing as the average "white male". Until the ones who make these creations start looking a little more, mixed, then well - there you go.

Me personally as an African-American male, i would love to see more African-American characters, games, etc and ones that aren't the usual gangbanger or solider. That's why I loved Tale Tale's Walking Dead so much.

Ravenor1527d ago

I know you're probably right Blaze, but I sincerely hope that the reason we don't see as diverse MAIN characters isn't because of a developer community largely made up of white males. I know of a few developers that have a fairly diverse team and yet the main character is still a white guy, I guess another hope of mine is that these decisions aren't entirely driven by marketing.

Blaze9291527d ago

could very well be the corporations behind the developers too. Sometimes, it sadly isn't up to them and money man forces them to make a gender/skin change.

palaeomerus1526d ago (Edited 1526d ago )

"Demand equal treatment in fiction because fiction shapes all culture" is the slogan of an unmitigated clueless idiot.

Let's bully businesses to solve fake problems because something something real problems changing minds and stuff. Teachable moment. Visualize whirled peas. Hurrrr.