5 Reason I want Halo Reach 2 on Xbox 1

With the launch of the Xbox One just around the corner, the dreams of game franchises receiving next gen graphics and gameplay upgrades have me excited. One game that I would love to see get some next gen polish is Halo Reach. The story ended with dead Spartans in the last game, but I am sure 343 can come up with another story arc. Here are my five reasons why Halo Reach 2 must have some net gen love.

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Queasy1571d ago

I dunno. This would be a bit like a sequel to James Cameron's Titanic...

Goku7811569d ago

Directed by someone else.

DiRtY1571d ago

Just the title makes me wonder if he has ever played Halo Reach...

christocolus1569d ago

was about to say same thing...but maybe a prequel to halo reach or something.

JediDiah1569d ago (Edited 1569d ago )

That's a Reach!

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