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Submitted by TheArabGamer 854d ago | preview

Xbox One controller and Ryse multiplayer video preview | VGS

Impressions on the Xbox One controller and Ryse co-op multiplayer preview. (Ryse: Son of Rome, Xbox One)

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lifeisgamesok  +   855d ago
The multiplayer looks good and the single player campaign has the best looking, most real-life like graphics I've ever seen.

The new campaign footage even puts next gen games to shame

No wonder the graphics masters Guerilla Games thought the latest Ryse demo was being played on a PC until Cervat Yerli opened the cupboard for them to show it was running on the Xbox One

Riderz1337  +   854d ago
best looking most real life graphics?

Lol u wut m8
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JuniorCE  +   854d ago
fanboy... It looks horrible...
BobBelcher  +   854d ago
how? How is he a 'fanboy?'
Insomnia_84  +   854d ago
Don't judge him just because he has never seen Beyond: Two Souls.
nicksetzer   854d ago | Spam
jgrigs09  +   854d ago
Honestly, I don't believe you think that. You're just another troll on here, who wont give their honest opinion.
lifeisgamesok  +   854d ago
I'm no fanboy seeing how I can admit both consoles have good looking games. Just because I favor this one from what I've seen altogether doesn't mean I'm saying Sony is terrible.

You fanboys are annoying
DonFreezer  +   854d ago
I mean being a blind ps fanboy could deluse your mind but I didn't knew that you could get that far. It's quite simple I have seen the new single player gameplay and it just looks better than anything on the ps4. And Quantum Break looked even better in my eyes. So please shut your mouth and go dislike a video of the Xbox One like most of you Sony trolls do. You may ban us, may bubble us down but you won't silent us ps fantrolls.
aceitman  +   854d ago
what was that at the 2:04 mark at the left of the screen , what happen to the guy.
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Kingthrash360  +   854d ago
at that same moment look at the enemy to the right...waiting to not attack from behind...smh
Kryptix  +   854d ago
At 1:55, the character he controls slides into the spikes. lol

I'm not going to lie, the graphics do shine but everything else is meh. From what I seen, the A.I. looks broken and I have seem more glitches in this game than any of the other next gen titles. Also according to the new Ryse preview of the latest Game Informer magazine issue, the gameplay is mediocre at best.
Kingthrash360  +   854d ago

on topic...thos button on that controller look a lil too close thos ai controled bots still look like they are scared to attack...he shows off the controller and takes no damage from enemys...smh
BobBelcher  +   854d ago
still a demo.
Also, the buttons close together is a good thing. Quicker to go from one button to the next.
Kingthrash360  +   854d ago
so u never played with the xbox's very first controller? its just an opinion tho they may be just fine but to me they look too close. time will tell november will be epic and all gaming sites will explode with news good and bad...awsome time to be a gamer.
The_Infected  +   854d ago

Why do you have to put things the way you just did? You can comment and say hey the game looks amazing can't wait to play it instead of something like "OMG IT'S THE BEST LOOKING GAME IN EXISTENCE" and start a flame war?
Kingthrash360  +   854d ago
^^^so true...i call it dahalism vs. dahalism. yoga flame!!!!!!
thats all i pictured when reading his comment.
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lifeisgamesok  +   854d ago
It's not like I'm saying Ps4 sucks don't buy it. I've actually given Ps4 games compliments on here. I'm just giving my honest opinion on the gameplay I saw on Gamespot
slivery  +   854d ago
You die hard fans take every little statement way to seriously. Not saying they are lying but it sure doesn't even sound right.

So one person from Crytek says "some guys from guerilla" which I find a little odd calling them that. Why? Cause these people all probably know each other, why would you just call them some guys? Somehow that is actual proof they were there or that it was actual developers from Guerilla? For all you know it could have been some people from their booth for christ sakes or people who didn't even develop the game like the guy from Crytek making this comment.

You think saying a name of these "guys from guerilla" would give a little more validity to your statement or at least a little more detail as who they were. Somehow it doesn't add up when you don't see Guerilla saying anything themselves about this.

I can't find anything about Guerilla Games actually saying this from their mouth other than one quote from Crytek's director of business development, not even a developer of Crytek who made the game just a general manager who over sees the development budget.

This guy is nothing but a sales marketer and his word is gold? He couldn't even name these people, they are just some guys from Guerilla.. Okay.

You never hear any of Sony's studios saying "some guys from Crytek" ect. said this and that.
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DOMination-  +   854d ago
You obviously have never heard of David Jaffe
slivery  +   854d ago

Yea I know who he is, he has worked on several games some of my favorites being twisted metal and god of war. He was even trying to make a new game kind of like Twisted Metal called MotorGun, was cancelled though, barely any backing. Haven't seen much of it since.

What does he have to do with what I am talking about? I am talking about a specific article that uses a quote from Nick Brown Crytek's general manager, about Gurrilla Games that I thought was vague.

Can you explain why knowing who David Jaffe is relates to what I am saying? Am I missing something?

Has he said something like this? I wasn't aware, the guy says a lot of stupid things though to be honest so it wouldn't be surprising. It's like Phil, I love FEZ but the guy can be a little over the top at times just like David.
#1.6.2 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(0) | Report
DOMination-  +   854d ago
Because my friend, you said at the end that you never hear about Sony developers talking nonsense. Whilst I have the utmost respect for Mr Jaffe and he may not now work for Sony, he is one quite famously outspoken guy.

Btw (not aimed at you), who really cares whether Guerilla Games were there or not. It's possible as Holland and Germany are next to each other that they visited and that really happened. It's also possible it didn't. Either way, it basically makes no difference to any of our lives. It's not worth the time or added pressure to our blood to argue about such stuff.
Hakoom  +   854d ago
welcome to the gaming world..
seems this is the 1st game you have seen.. LOL
i wonder what would you say when you see TLOU or Uncharted or deep down
abusador  +   854d ago
Killzone craps all over this in terms of graphics, tech and mostly importantly gameplay Lol Get a life buddy lol
shadowT  +   855d ago
Ryse looks sad.
RaptgamersUnited  +   854d ago
Good video thanks
kratos_TheGoat  +   854d ago
xbox 1 controller look so beautiful
AfterThought  +   854d ago
The multiplayer looks just as horrible as it did when they first showed it. Not necessarily good to know.
busytoad  +   854d ago
Haha the game looks like its being played on the 360. Microshyt you are in trouble,your cable box wanna be is garbage.
drsfinest72  +   854d ago
Reported for trolling. Bye bye bubbles :)
lonz358  +   854d ago
So all they really worked on was the graphics? This is being made by Crytek right?
supergrobi1  +   854d ago
PS4 fanboys are jealous, lol.
Brix90  +   854d ago
You do realize Sony has GoW right...
Kingthrash360  +   854d ago
oh,no,no. jealous isnt the word...more like baffled. baffled that xb1 fanboys are hype about....well....this. so confusing. i mean forget how it looks....and look how it plays, look at that a.i. look at the same qtc kills look at the next gen launch game that you are so hype about. your paying a extra $100 for this. wake up DEMAND BETTER. this isnt exceptable.
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drsfinest72  +   854d ago
Use up 5 bubbles to keep saying biased stuff? Off yourself please. Reported for trolling and off topic.

OT: Ryse looks good but not my type of game. Therefore I won't be picking it up...but man that Xbox one controller is phenomenal
Kingthrash360  +   854d ago
bias? wait why? im gettin xb1&playstation...all you see is my opinion. all you see is me stating my dont see "xbone" i never said just looking at the video above and giving my opinion. its YOU telling me to "off myself" im saying demand more from ms and the devs who are making rise....truly scroll up and look at my comments. heck look at my past comments...i say what i feel but im a gamer been gaming since be honest its 1:55am im typing on a gameimg site with one hand and holding a ps3 controller with the other (100% fact)all while trying not to wake my girl.
my point dont mix me with these kiddy fanboys im a gamer i love games and i will state my opinion freely and imo ryse is a ho hum of a game with bad ai that brings nothing new to the table and the buttons IMO look too close ..yeah killzone isnt bringing anything new either but ryse is a new ip on a new console and thats just unexceptable imo. u never see me bad mouthing titanfall because that is a system seller thats awsome and it brings new food to the fps table...this was a complete waste of a bub but u rubbed me the wrong way rookie.
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Goku781  +   854d ago
I agree, Xbox 1 vs PS2 they had something to be be impressed about for more money, but come on, not this people! Lets be real.
SonyAddict  +   854d ago
Ryse is a glorified tech demo as is all of cryteks games these days!.
WeAreLegion  +   854d ago
Which is sad. FarCry and Crysis were so good!
BobBelcher  +   854d ago
I've been hearing plenty of good things about Ryse lately.
Sounds like they made the correct changes to perfect the game.
jgrigs09  +   854d ago
They have, but it's going to get hated sadly. :/. This whole bashing is getting annoying honestly. It's more trolling then actual judgement.
PSnation4  +   854d ago
u should open your eyes and watch the ryse gameplay..
Foxhound922  +   854d ago
That gameplay makes me cringe, it looks horrible and does not look next gen. Everything is glitchy, unrealistic, and the ai is pathetic. I guess I just don't understand how thus looks fun, a glitchy and stale hack and slash. Everything looks so cheesy, and forced. It's also hilarious how enemies just stand there and watch you until you are ready to attack them. A five year old dynasty warriors looks like a more fun hack n slash than this.
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christocolus  +   854d ago
i swear it almost feels like ps fans follow the progress of this game ,dr3,forza5 and the xbx one itself more than xbx fans...its like fanboys fear the possibility of these games actually becoming super sucesful its either that or they secretly like the console and do not want to admit it ..that aside this game looks cool..getting it day one...loving the new controller too cant wait till titanfall and halo are i can put my skills to the test off line and on xboxlive..and for those who are hating on ryse remember its an xbx article so pls be mature enough to allow those buying the game make comments just like xbx fbs allow you guys to in your ps articles....
slivery  +   854d ago
I swear it almost feels like most Ryse fans are real idiots when they proclaim this as exceptional game play.

All I hear is "day one" how about you actually describe why, why this game appeals to you, why you find it so astonishing, why it deserves a day one purchase but you guys never say any of that. Just "day one"!!!!

Take the single player how you will as I haven't see that much of it but the multiplayer is terrible. All one needs is a person with eyes and half a brain to see that.

I wouldn't even care what system this game is on, I would tell you the same thing regardless even if it was on Nintendo's or Sony's.

All systems have shitty games. Some people are just smart enough to realize nothing in this world is ever perfect.

"just like xbx fbs allow you guys to in your ps articles...."

All I can do is laugh at that. Yes, all you Xbox fans are godly little angels who never troll at all. /s Beyond stupid to act as if any fan does that, all fans are the same, they are fans for a reason. Look at basketball, football, soccer or anything with a fan base.. Do those fans all get along and play nice?

This site is made for anyone to view, if you can't handle it, move on because I promise you no matter where you go online, it will never be any different. Trolls and opinions that differ from yours exist everywhere.
christocolus  +   854d ago
dude i almost mistook you for a reasonable gamer until i finished reading your must really hurt you that people like this game..i like the combat,i like the concept and judging it based on just multiplayer seems a bit unreasonable since youve not seen much of the single player side...and as for what?if its that bad then it could still be fixed before launch but then again even some enemies i battled with in the last of us had some horrible ai .sometimes they wouldnt even see me standing right next to them..and about the combat style it may not be very deep but its just like batman arkham city and i liked that too dude really you need to shut up and get the hell outta sound like your neutral but you aint...go to ps articles and see how many xbx fanboys make very stupid comments.. then come back to xbx articles and take a good look..what gives you the right to downplay peoples opinions or talk trash about a game you have not even played?crytek may be more about graphics than gameplay but that doesnt mean their games are crap and it hasnt stopped me and many others from enjoying their games.this is so similar to the arguments ps fbs make regarding insomniac now(they dont have any more talent and their games are crap).all because they are developing an exclusive xbx one game. you guys make me laugh. instead of talking crap and calling people idiots why dont you leave..besides how many games have you developed? you sound just like the fanboys i was referring to earlier on...if you have nothing meaningful to contribute why dont you do us all a favor and leave dude.
Scatpants  +   854d ago
This is one of those launch titles no one will care about shortly after launch. The only reason anyone is talking about it is it's one of the only games being shown. Gameplay looks like a generic hacknslash. I don't understand why anyone is interested in this. I am getting an xbox one at launch but this game looks like a pass.
Goku781  +   854d ago
No, Forza, and Crimson Dragon look like they could be fun and well made. This does not.
aceitman  +   854d ago
@christocolus have u seen the preorder numbers , killzone has more than all those games together. I don't think u can call that something sony fanboys fear that it will be successful, and its a shame that xbox fanboys can be blind to see that this game so close to launch with a new build being showed mind u ,is filled with flaws , it looks good but not like e3 good people that see that comment doesn't make them a fanboy it shows they have a keen eye for things and wont get stuck with a crappy product, sony had there share and so did ms. but as a gamer I will not support a crappy game , I will spend my money on a dev that will give me my moneys worth. and for u trolls there is a song for u.
#12.3 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
christocolus  +   854d ago
the come into an xbx article post your biased comment and bring up a ps4 game bragging about preorder numbers and then you call me a troll...dude it seems you are lost ..and you just proved my point.its gamers like you who give many ps fans a bad image.....and goodluck with the kz preorder figures...with such high pre order numbers for kz,i guess all hope must be lost for ms launch out. done wasting my time......smh
aceitman  +   854d ago
Yeah im bias against crappy games and none of them no matter the console will get my money
slivery  +   854d ago
I can't get over how terrible the AI is. It is up there with some of the worst AI in recent years that I have seen. Crytek needs to stop worrying about graphics and work on their game play mechanics, they seriously blow.

Which is a real shame because how cool of a concept is this? It is pretty cool but nothing about it resonates in the game play. This game is far from creative given the history they should have taken from. The history alone is more fun than watching this game in action.
PSnation4  +   854d ago
ryse looks terrible..

1.character walks like he gots to take a crap..
2.multiple enemies but u can clearly see a.i is not adaptive and rather "wait" his turn of action lol.. gameplay and listen to the sound of the game, sounds like a bunch of pots and pans just clashing around.. and dam when he has that main full armor on.. sounds really annoying..

u can really tell ryse was really meant for kinect

this is from the gamestop expo just recently.. wow that video to what they showed at E3.. and tell me ur not disappointed

god of war ps3 is better than that crap ryse

its not even about being an xbone exclusive.. its just a terrible game.. if ryse was a ps4 exclusive i would pass up on it right along with knack
#14 (Edited 854d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(3) | Report | Reply
Scatpants  +   854d ago
This game looks terrible. Xbox1 controller looks good though. I can't wait to get mine.
brew  +   854d ago
Game looks pretty weak. At best , I think we're looking at an Untold Legends (PS3) type of launch game.

No big deal I guess , they can't all be winners. But I keep seeing so much hype for it and people saying it looks so much better than PS4 exclusives like Killzone SF and inFAMOUS SS , lol.

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