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Impressions on the Xbox One controller and Ryse co-op multiplayer preview.

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lifeisgamesok1531d ago

The multiplayer looks good and the single player campaign has the best looking, most real-life like graphics I've ever seen.

The new campaign footage even puts next gen games to shame

No wonder the graphics masters Guerilla Games thought the latest Ryse demo was being played on a PC until Cervat Yerli opened the cupboard for them to show it was running on the Xbox One


Riderz13371530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

best looking most real life graphics?

Lol u wut m8

JuniorCE1530d ago

fanboy... It looks horrible...

BobBelcher1530d ago

how? How is he a 'fanboy?'

Insomnia_841530d ago

Don't judge him just because he has never seen Beyond: Two Souls.

1530d ago
jgrigs091530d ago

Honestly, I don't believe you think that. You're just another troll on here, who wont give their honest opinion.

lifeisgamesok1530d ago

I'm no fanboy seeing how I can admit both consoles have good looking games. Just because I favor this one from what I've seen altogether doesn't mean I'm saying Sony is terrible.

You fanboys are annoying

DonFreezer1530d ago

I mean being a blind ps fanboy could deluse your mind but I didn't knew that you could get that far. It's quite simple I have seen the new single player gameplay and it just looks better than anything on the ps4. And Quantum Break looked even better in my eyes. So please shut your mouth and go dislike a video of the Xbox One like most of you Sony trolls do. You may ban us, may bubble us down but you won't silent us ps fantrolls.

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aceitman1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

what was that at the 2:04 mark at the left of the screen , what happen to the guy.

Kingthrash3601530d ago

at that same moment look at the enemy to the right...waiting to not attack from behind...smh

Kryptix1530d ago

At 1:55, the character he controls slides into the spikes. lol

I'm not going to lie, the graphics do shine but everything else is meh. From what I seen, the A.I. looks broken and I have seem more glitches in this game than any of the other next gen titles. Also according to the new Ryse preview of the latest Game Informer magazine issue, the gameplay is mediocre at best.

Kingthrash3601530d ago

[email protected]

on topic...thos button on that controller look a lil too close thos ai controled bots still look like they are scared to attack...he shows off the controller and takes no damage from enemys...smh

BobBelcher1530d ago

still a demo.
Also, the buttons close together is a good thing. Quicker to go from one button to the next.

Kingthrash3601530d ago

so u never played with the xbox's very first controller? its just an opinion tho they may be just fine but to me they look too close. time will tell november will be epic and all gaming sites will explode with news good and bad...awsome time to be a gamer.

Ghost_of_Tsushima1530d ago


Why do you have to put things the way you just did? You can comment and say hey the game looks amazing can't wait to play it instead of something like "OMG IT'S THE BEST LOOKING GAME IN EXISTENCE" and start a flame war?

Kingthrash3601530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

^^^so true...i call it dahalism vs. dahalism. yoga flame!!!!!!
thats all i pictured when reading his comment.

lifeisgamesok1530d ago

It's not like I'm saying Ps4 sucks don't buy it. I've actually given Ps4 games compliments on here. I'm just giving my honest opinion on the gameplay I saw on Gamespot

slivery1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )

You die hard fans take every little statement way to seriously. Not saying they are lying but it sure doesn't even sound right.

So one person from Crytek says "some guys from guerilla" which I find a little odd calling them that. Why? Cause these people all probably know each other, why would you just call them some guys? Somehow that is actual proof they were there or that it was actual developers from Guerilla? For all you know it could have been some people from their booth for christ sakes or people who didn't even develop the game like the guy from Crytek making this comment.

You think saying a name of these "guys from guerilla" would give a little more validity to your statement or at least a little more detail as who they were. Somehow it doesn't add up when you don't see Guerilla saying anything themselves about this.

I can't find anything about Guerilla Games actually saying this from their mouth other than one quote from Crytek's director of business development, not even a developer of Crytek who made the game just a general manager who over sees the development budget.

This guy is nothing but a sales marketer and his word is gold? He couldn't even name these people, they are just some guys from Guerilla.. Okay.

You never hear any of Sony's studios saying "some guys from Crytek" ect. said this and that.

DOMination-1530d ago

You obviously have never heard of David Jaffe

slivery1530d ago (Edited 1530d ago )


Yea I know who he is, he has worked on several games some of my favorites being twisted metal and god of war. He was even trying to make a new game kind of like Twisted Metal called MotorGun, was cancelled though, barely any backing. Haven't seen much of it since.

What does he have to do with what I am talking about? I am talking about a specific article that uses a quote from Nick Brown Crytek's general manager, about Gurrilla Games that I thought was vague.

Can you explain why knowing who David Jaffe is relates to what I am saying? Am I missing something?

Has he said something like this? I wasn't aware, the guy says a lot of stupid things though to be honest so it wouldn't be surprising. It's like Phil, I love FEZ but the guy can be a little over the top at times just like David.

DOMination-1530d ago

Because my friend, you said at the end that you never hear about Sony developers talking nonsense. Whilst I have the utmost respect for Mr Jaffe and he may not now work for Sony, he is one quite famously outspoken guy.

Btw (not aimed at you), who really cares whether Guerilla Games were there or not. It's possible as Holland and Germany are next to each other that they visited and that really happened. It's also possible it didn't. Either way, it basically makes no difference to any of our lives. It's not worth the time or added pressure to our blood to argue about such stuff.

Hakoom1530d ago

welcome to the gaming world..
seems this is the 1st game you have seen.. LOL
i wonder what would you say when you see TLOU or Uncharted or deep down

abusador1530d ago

Killzone craps all over this in terms of graphics, tech and mostly importantly gameplay Lol Get a life buddy lol

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kratos_TheGoat1530d ago

xbox 1 controller look so beautiful

AfterThought1530d ago

The multiplayer looks just as horrible as it did when they first showed it. Not necessarily good to know.

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