Dragon's Crown Review (Goozernation)

Dragon’s Crown is a good game. It may have slipped under a lot of gamers’ radars but it does have a lot of potential. Think of Dragon’s Crown as the game for anyone who wants a great dungeon crawler with a lot of options. The couch co-op only serves to expand on what the game has to offer.

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TongkatAli1694d ago

It is! It has a lot of replay value and with couch co-op it's more fun..

dedicatedtogamers1694d ago

It's a fantastic game. The art style is stunning. I just finished my Infernal playthrough for the Amazon and now I'm playing through as the Dwarf. Fans of early 90s arcade beat 'em ups would fall in love with this game.

Jubez1871694d ago

Great game, so close to plat!