30 FPS Versus 60 FPS For PS4 And Xbox One: Does It Really Matter?

"As a gamer, have you ever heard about frame rate drop? Of course you have, we’ve all experienced it from time to time. Most gamers have experienced some brutal frame rate drops that cause their screen to look like a sequence of snapshots. This distracting experience is absolutely annoying at best, and can end your game at its worst. It makes it impossible to react or play accurately and can cause some real problems."

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ape0071417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

we all agree that 60 FPS is better but are there any one agree with this.......yes 60FPS is awesome but it doesn't feel right for all games

for example games like KZ and GTA, if u have them run at 60 FPS, the gameplay will feel less authentic, less "OMPHH"

i don't know, maybe it's the just me

Tooly1417d ago

So true 60 fps is not for all games.

_QQ_1417d ago

yes it is... but that doesn't mean 30 fps is bad.

GameNameFame1417d ago

Yes it does.

Also, the power difference wont always manifest in 30 fps to 60 fps.

What if both games get 30 fps and PS4 gets more polygon, higher res texture, better effects, better ligthing?

Or what if game difference becomes 1080P and 900 P.

or graphical difference of Ultra/high vs medium at same frame rate.

There are so many ways this huge power difference can manifest.

ShinMaster1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

If they can push higher visual fidelity @ solid 30fps, that's fine by me.
Not every type of game is worth investing 60fps over graphics.

Maybe if the majority of games you play are shooters or any other games that are competitive by nature and require faster reaction times, then I see your point. However, not every game is the same way.

It can be dependent on genre, gameplay speed or artistic choice. The higher the frame rate, they less cinematic it feels and the more it seems like live TV broadcast.

guitarded771417d ago

Just wanted to share this .gif since it's relevant to the conversation.

Magicite1416d ago

I played Dead space 3 on rock solid 30fps and bioshock infinite on rock solid 60fps. Both run fluidly and had no issues.

Boody-Bandit1416d ago

60fps all day every day over 30fps.

inveni01416d ago

I'd rather have 30fps @ 1080p than 60fps @ 720p.

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Pandamobile1417d ago

That is ridiculous logic. GTA IV is phenomenon at 60 FPS. Every FPS game benefits from higher framerates too.

Blackdeath_6631417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

agreed this flawed logic has no base or reason. 60 FPS is better in every single way shape and form and no this is not subjective its a fact. games like beat 'em ups and FPS' show the biggest improvements at 60 FPS. people who say its not a big deal only say so because they have never gamed at an FPS higher than 30. i think next month when next gen finally arrives we can be done with this topic once and for all, killzone shadow fall and BF4 are the ones to look out for

nukeitall1417d ago


That is BS!

It depends on what you are trying to achieve and how you want to present your game. It is no different than certain film makers choose to film their movies at a certain frame rate to reach a visual effect. In the same way, game developers will choose a frame rate to match what they want you to feel when playing their games.

Certain games will benefit from higher frame rates, particularly games that are competitive that faster reaction times matter.

The unfortunate matter of the situation is people love to compare, and numbers is way easier to compare than say better pixel quality!

Remember when Intel had the highest GHz cpu's, but AMD beat them in real life performance?

Don't buy into numbers alone. They are often carefully crafted to mislead you or are only true in certain restricted scenarios.

ShinMaster1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )


Also, if the majority of games you play are shooters or any other games that are competitive by nature and require faster reaction times, then I see your point. However, not every game is the same way.

If they can push higher visual fidelity @ solid 30fps, that's fine by me.
Not every type of game is worth investing 60fps over graphics.

It can be dependent on genre, gameplay speed or artistic choice. The higher the frame rate, they less cinematic it feels and the more it seems like live TV broadcast.

JsonHenry1417d ago

I'd prefer a higher fps. Especially since I am used to running at 100+ in a lot of games on my PC. It is noticeable in shooters and 3rd person action games when the fps is below 40 or so.

pedrof931417d ago

Actually the human eye canonly see 75 fps. In other words waste of power.


Pandamobile1417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

Every eye is different, but the human eye does not see at a fixed frame rate and can perceive motion down to 1/1000 second.


JsonHenry1417d ago

Humans are different and several millions of people around the world can see as high as 1/1000 of a second.

This is actually one of the tests most military's give their pilots to test reaction times. (reaction time and eye speed/detection are directly related)

Hicken1417d ago

What's with this falsehood that the eye can only see at a certain framerate?

The framerate we see at doesn't technically exist, because life doesn't adhere to a refresh rate. There are individuals motions that are too fast for us to perceive, such as the speed of light, but a meteor moving through the atmosphere at a few thousand miles an hour doesn't have a framerate, yet we can still perceive such a thing.

Dasteru1417d ago


The human eye actually does not see in a set frames per second at all, it works completely different and can vary significantly depending on what is being viewed. Testing has shown an ability to see anywhere from 24-200fps on average and sometimes even higher. Adrenaline can also increase that even further. Potentially as high as 1000fps.

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secretcode1417d ago

Killzone? Really? Any fast-paced FPS game would BENEFIT from a 60FPS frame rate, especially one that pushes competitive modes. Why do you think the developers for the game are pushing that for multiplayer?

Irishguy951417d ago

That's just...No.

All games benefit from 60FPS. However depending on the genre, it depends on how much the FPS jump is a benefit, all FPS's, all racers too, depending on the speed of gameplay too, such as hack and slash games all hugely benefit from 60FPS. I have to say there is literally no case at all that 30FPS is superior to 60FPS. My gameplay experience has only ever improved from more FPS.

SpecialK1417d ago


That feel people are talking about in games like killzone are not down to fps, thats down to the way the controls are set up by the devs. They just made the game feel weighty.

It'd still feel like that at a higher fps. A higher fps brings extra crispness, better responsiveness. There's literally no downside.

Now one could argue that at some point it becomes unnecessary for some games, but it certainly wont make anything worse!

DeadManIV1417d ago

When one console is cheaper yet more powerful...

clouds51417d ago (Edited 1417d ago )

What people often forget 60fps needs ALOT more power than 30fps. Not just a little optimization here and there, ALOT.
That is one reason we won't see such a huge boost in graphics when switching to the ps4/xb1. We'll have bigger levels yes and more stuff in it but that is mainly thx to the bigger RAM. When you want up the resolution and rendering speed from 720p/30fps to 1080p/60fps you need alot more power. I'm speaking from over 10 years experience in PC gaming (my first games ran at 320*240p ;) so when i played my first 640*480p game my eyes almost popped out of my head because it was SO BEAUTIFUL. Anyway i have a lot of resolution increases behind me).

I remember when the switch from 4:3 to 16:9 came. My old monitor was a 19" 1024*768 (basically 720p) and everything was fine. Then I bought a 27" 1080p monitor and right after that I had to buy a new GPU just to run the same games (!) smoothly at the higher resolution while keeping up the framerate.

BTW: Constant 60fps means your average fps should be quite a bit higher than 60fps. That's why we have alot of games on 360/ps3 that have very visible framerate issues. They are locked at 30fps and the average is also around 30fps. Then your range is between 20fps and 40fps, so every once in a while you get some 20fps scenes and everything below the magic 25fps mark is very noticable and feels stuttery. I think that is the biggest reason why 60fps is WAY better than 30fps. Example: You have one scene where the framerate drops 20fps below your target. With [email protected] you go down to 10fps which is almost slideshow like. With [email protected] you drop to 40fps which is still very smooth.
I hope you get my point :)

All I can say in conclusion: I'm not defending or bashing xb1 or ps4. In my opinion EVERY game should run in 1080p/60fps because that is what our modern TVs are built for!
But the hardware that can output modern, big open world games with huge polygon counts at 1080/60 simply is not available in the console price range. Sony&Microsoft could make a 1000$ system that is built for 1080p/60fps right now but no one is going to buy that. I think they should have waited another 1-2 years, but that's just me.
Anyway if you want 1080p/60fps, there is one way: PC, and better get a good one.

Dasteru1417d ago

Sry but slow and clunky does not equal realistic/authentic or anything similar.

mistertwoturbo1417d ago

Yes it's just you.

I'd prefer 60fps for all games. HOWEVER doesn't mean I don't enjoy games that are 30fps either IE: Uncharted, Killzone, etc.

SlyGuy1417d ago

Wait...weren't we promised 1080p 120fps for PS3? :p

I sure hope PS4 has 60fps for most games because PC gaming has spoiled my eyes and now they demand at least 60fps

Aceman181417d ago

Personally I pretty much don't care I enjoy games are both ends 30 or 60.

MEsoJD1417d ago

There isn't a game I can think of that wasn't better running at 60fps. There are no disadvantages for 60fps. It should be the standard.

Jaqen_Hghar1416d ago

all other effects take a hit when that happens. You can't standardise it as developers wouldn't want to develope for whoever did. Developers choose 30fps for a reason.

Magicite1416d ago

it depends on the TV/monitor. For example 120hz or higher monitor would demand more frames to look decently fluid.

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Hufandpuf1417d ago

It does matter. Just about every PC game runs at 60+ frames. Are we going to sit here and be content with tech that is supposed to be "next gen" het still cannot compete?

Don't get me wrong the games will be really fun, but the tech behind these console are lacking.

Tooly1417d ago

if console went down the route of high end pc parts we would be looking at more expensive consoles and if that's the case we might as well get a pc. console exclusives are way better then pc's,plus you got pc devs making there way to console now.

sorane1417d ago

:console exclusives are way better then pc's"

Uhh maybe in your opinion, but definitely not mine. I see PC exclusives being miles ahead of any console exclusive.

"plus you got pc devs making there way to console now."

Yeah and you have a lot of console devs making there way to PC. Hell, PC is the lead platform on most games these days.