Researchers Who Said Games Shouldn't Have Demos Defend Their Findings

EEDAR's study suggested not releasing demos resulted in better sales and marketers should start designing Achievements. MTV Multiplayer's astute readers brought up some smart criticisms of the EEDAR's results. Said Multiplayer reader JFK:

"Gears of War, COD4, Rock Band and Halo had no demos, but they didn't need them due to their marketing and general market anticipation. The very AAA games were more likely to not need demos to get sales."

Gregory Short and Geoffery Zatkin, the heads of EEDAR, spoke with Multiplayer yesterday, and don't necessarily dispute JFK's claims.

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Harry1903894d ago

You better be honest towards the final consumer than hype some half-baked software just to sell.Simple:if the demo suits you and you think that you like the game,you are probably going to buy it.That's
how it works.If you don't then that's up to you.Demos are here to stay and they should.