Outside Xbox goes heisting in GTA Online

Welcome to your weekly video debriefing from Outside Xbox, in a week in which GTA Online launched to the mighty sound of server trouble and lots of people standing around in a car park waiting for a race with Lamar. There were a few teething problems, in case you hadn't noticed.

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DanielGearSolid1025d ago

Is there anyway to set it on free aim only? the the auto-aiming just makes it way too easy for ppl to kill each other online

Saints941025d ago

Nope, I've looked and "aim assisted" can't be changed.

CandyCaptain1025d ago

No it can, you have to do it in single player. After that it will send you to different free aim lobbies. (I know cause I was there before I joined a friend's lobby. It tells you before you go that it's a different mode.)

ZombieKiller1025d ago

Remember if you are in cover, they can't auto-aim as easily! Plus you have the auto aim too! Fair's fair.

maximus19851025d ago

not the heist i was expecting but funny still